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Bro Montana and Bro Nameth Back in Action

I enjoyed the first army of two, even though it was fairly straightforward, had a limited customization system, and didn't make adequate use of its aggro gameplay mechanic.  Army of Two: TFD works to fix some of these issues, to mixed results.  The shootouts often boil down to taking out groups of enemies from a safe distance, and this leaves the action feeling somewhat diluted.  The cover mechanics are awkward at times, but work fairly well throughout.  The guns have a much better feel (have weight and kick) than they did in the previous iteration of the game.  The customization of your character through weapons and armor has been expanded, but I would have liked to see an even greater array of useful attachments and secondary weapons.  The aggro mechanic is functional, but it rarely seems to matter much, and I have definitely witnessed enemies still at the "invisible" team member.  The story is really simplistic and is about as deep as any Steven Seagal flick.  The main characters have retained some of their charm, but their moral choices throughout the campaign seem like a really strange addition to the game.  The graphics are pretty good, and the gameplay is smooth for the most part.  This game is best when experienced in co-op play, and I would not even recommend it if you don't have the option of playing with a human partner.  Army of Two: TFD simply doesn't have enough merits to stand alone as an engaging single player experience.

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