hellknightleon's Army of Two (Xbox 360) review

Solo sucks. Get a buddy.

Unlike most people I never played this game solo. Form the offset I had a good friend rock it out with me. My friend and me share a friendship much like the one set up in the game. That said... this game is made for two players. The co-op is awesome but a tad lacking. You fell like they need to keep at it and they will have an amazing gem on there hands. That said the gun play is "ok" to say the least. Its just not as hard hitting as you would like and the guns sound a little weak. At the same point the story is "ok". The story is there but its not pushing you forward. At some point you just ask "why keep fighting?" I have to say that even after all the "ok" content its easy to see this game turning into an amazing team or co-op play game that takes the idea (of co-op) to the next level. That alone is a feat. Good fun game, with lots to shoot, and the guys ham it up in a way that makes you feel like they are old buddies. Check it out.


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