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This is worth um, reading. Sorry Patrick <3

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That picture of Vinny on the front page might actually be the best part of this whole thing.

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Well I suppose that settles it then

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I don't understand was this created or discovered?

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Please PLEASE keep them coming.

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@johnham said:

@vinny: How do I "like" or "subscribe" to this? Where do I send my tithe?

I like that. I'm going to start thinking of likes, shares, upvotes, thumbs ups, and their ilk as "electronic tithes".

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Hm. Young Vinny with hair. So, on top of being super talented, likable and funny, he was also super handsome (still is, just in a bald sort of way). He is basically the next evolution of man.

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Please make a comic for a news stories from now on.

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I don't know what this is, but I love it.

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Ladies and Gentelmen this is GiantBomb.

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i don't get it.

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Frog...what r u doin wit that water pistol.

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It's funny because the frog can't comprehend the long term implications this will have on crowdfunding platforms!

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I feel a whole lot better about this rift thing now.

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Truly biting commentary.

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You satirized the hell out of.... whatever it was you were satirizing.

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Is that Vinny or the cross eyed guy from Silence of the Lambs?

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Words no longer needed to convey information. CNN, take note. Wait, that's useless now.

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I think this solves the Rift problem! He did it everyone! Lets put down out pitchforks and go home!

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I don't get why we are praising this randomness.

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What in the actual fuck? Why do I love this?

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I understand now.

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A troubling topic handled with the grace and dignity it deserves. Well done sir!

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Guys I think I just took some drugs help

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I've never seen something more gripping and true to life than this beautiful interpretation of games' media today. This truly is the epitome of games being art

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Ah! Sugoi desu ne!

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I dont get it. :(

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Best feature on the site for sure.

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Glad to see that someone is finally putting Comipo to good use.

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Why don't I understand this at all?

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Just marked this day on my calendar: Pure Awesome Happened Today.

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What is this shit? I can't masturbate to this like other site content. Wait, let me try again... Nope. Doesn't work.

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I'm offended!

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Finally, video game journalism has become everything it was always meant to be.

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Funny! Keep up the Comic corner Vinny!

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Now this is some news I can get behind.

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We love you Vinny

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Anime cuts deep.

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Best front page article since Jeff wrote about Triple H cutting his hair.

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The true videogame journalism starts here.

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One step closer to Vinny's newsletter.

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this is a website about videogames

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lounging toad is my waifu

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I cried, I laughed, I cried again. Everything about this was a delight, including the cover picture for this link. Keep up the good work Vinny!

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