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I just came, a little bit.

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This has to be the lead-in to Frog Fractions 2.

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I'm in tears right now, it expressed my most inner feelings about the whole rift situation...

Can't wait till someone adapts these into some kind of performance dance!

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This is is amazing and the best article Giant Bomb has ever produced. Come on Patrick. Step up.

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Well...I guess it's time to pack it up. We've reached the pinnacle of video game editorial. Nowhere to go but down.

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This is truly the Citizen Kane of 4koma.

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*Slow Clap*

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Dont ever change Vinny.

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Where the fuck is the 'like' button?

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What the hell? I don't even... O - o

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HE'S DONE IT AGAIN! Marvelous!

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That's deep, man. That's deep.

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Well... Guess there's nothing left to say now. Thanks Vinny.

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This is the true Premium Content, right?

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It really needs a cartoony version of vinny in the bottom right corner like the onion's political cartoons. He would have a speech bubble that reads: "Riffed off!"

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Y'know, I never really thought of it that way, but when you phrase it like that it really puts things into perspective.

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I skipped the last panel. I will leave that for the last day of my life, otherwise there will be nothing to live for.

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This should be premium content it's so good

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Is this a Dark Souls thing? Or just insane?

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I love that this is on the front page so much.

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It's so dense. every single image has so many things going on.

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I love that this is on the front page so much.

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Ok... ok! I'm finally on board with this thing. You've shown me the light Caravella-senpai!

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I guess we have a Senior Manga Editor now.

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finally, someone else who doesn't seem to take this quite so deadly seriously. thanks, vinny

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a masterpiece if I ever seen one

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I want more of this. Who do I have to kill to get more of this?

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I hope this happens all the time

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Sadly too late to be considered for this year's Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic. There's always 2015.

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OK, now that I've had time to process this, I feel like printing it out as a door-poster.

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Is this Art?

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I wish my mind was capable of understanding such true art. Though I'm pretty sure if anyone could actually comprehend such a masterpiece, their minds would implode.

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Vinny is the darkest soul.

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I'm confused, so come with me as I try to decipher this:

  1. The Rift is announced and it blows everyone's minds.
  2. Hello, Japan? (I'm not racist, just ignorant.)
  3. The Rift is now owned by the troll face's cousin, and everyone's worried.
  4. But the Rift now has a water gun so everyone puts on a mask, specifically, a mask that's making a duck face. (To counteract the Rift's face? If so, it seems to have worked.)
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Praise the sun froggy.

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Is this what Vinny's small business now produces?

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I guess there's not a lot more that can be said on this subject.

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You can really see the girl's struggle for knowledge, and that frog's playful whimsy, as he teaches the girl about the world. Winnie the pooh move over for Vinnie the cooh

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We laughed. We cried. We watched shit blow up.

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i have to lie down