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Giant Bomb Cannot Be Stopped

The first day of E3 put a bit of a dent in our livestream coverage, but we'll be back soon enough.


Hey guys. You might have heard that Giant Bomb's L.A. studio was apparently burgled during Monday, when the crew was out and about at the day's press conferences, resulting in the loss of some equipment. I'm mostly posting this so that I don't get a million confused tweets tomorrow morning asking about where the archive of the stream is, and etc. There was no show last night, but I'm told that the guys in L.A. are looking to get something together for Tuesday night. The important thing here is that everyone's OK, of course. Theft's no fun, but it's a matter for the police right now. We will of course let you know what happens along those lines when we can.

I'm up in San Francisco posting trailers with Marino, so I don't really have much info on what's going on down there. Rest assured that we'll continue to post as many things that pop up out of E3 as we can during the day on Tuesday, and hopefully everything will be back to normal-ish by the time the Day One livestream rolls around at 8:00 PM PST today. We'll keep you updated via our Twitter account if anything else pops up, as well as update this post.

In the meantime, there's a boatload of trailers to look through! Go do that for a while!

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Posted by gunstar

Good luck duders

Posted by Heltom92

God speed gentlemen.

Posted by Sheath

Oh shit! That's a terrible way to end the day! Hope you guys are able to recover the items or that insurance covers it! All the best to you, duders.

Posted by aquacadet

was it a heist or a caper?

too soon?

Posted by BulletStorm

I'm so bummed out for the Giant Bomb crew. Something entirely out of their control stopped them from doing cool stuff with Volition tonight, and I just wish there was something I could do to make that not suck.

Posted by StarvingGamer

Some assholes just cost thousands of people the best part of E3.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Posted by Gnarlythotep

That's a rough stroke of luck. I hope everything works out well for you guys.

Thanks again for all the fantastic coverage you've provided so far.

Best of luck for the rest of E3.

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You guys are the best, I love you all.

Posted by Zero_

Oh man, it would have been awesome with Volition

Posted by takua108

glhb duders

Edited by UncleBenny

here's to a safe and easy bounce back, guys.

Also, fuck LA.

Edited by MrMazz

Can't stop won't stop

Posted by MoonwalkSA

Fuck crime.

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Some assholes just cost thousands of people the best part of E3.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Posted by Korolev

Don't worry about us. We still like GB, and one missed show ain't gonna change that. Look forward to your stuff tomorrow. Best of Luck with finding it - with so much equipment, the thief can't have gone that far.

Posted by mbdoeden

Love you guys. I know this may sound pretty dumb but I feel personally robbed of the great content and personalities from this evening. I'm sure nowhere near how bad you guys feel about it! Right after Sony smacked a bitch too!

I guess what I'm trying to say is...FUCK THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS.

Posted by cooljammer00

Hopefully they stupidly try to sell the tricaster with the autograph on it and get nailed to the fucking wall.

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Best of luck guys, nothing can stop the Bomb.

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I love you, guys. I'm sorry that you've all run into a bit of shit luck. Keep your chins up.

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

I'm a wizard, and that's fucked up.

Viva GiantBomb! You duders are the best.

Posted by Stimpack
@starvinggamer said:

Some assholes just cost thousands of people the best part of E3.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Also this, a thousand times, this.

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Ugh, getting equipment stolen after being hyped to talk about the day's events.

Having to fill out police reports when you'd rather just sleep.


This will just make the later episodes all the better!

Also sorry the security of the studio failed so hard

Edited by giant_frying_pan

Thanks for the hard work guys. The thieving swines will get nabbed by the fuzz, I'm sure!

Posted by freakin9

Robert Deniro has your stuff? Motherfucker.

Posted by jonnyp

Woah. After all that talk about how last years spot was the worst it could get. Geez!

Good luck and keep up the good work!

Posted by Aistan

Sucks that this happened to you guys. I hope you work everything out for the rest of the week and afterwards.

Edited by Humanity

That's nuts considering they didn't lose any equipment living in that crazy place last year

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Remember that discussion on the bombcast about caper, heist, and hijacking the truck?

Not so funny anymore

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Out of the frying pan and in to the fire. E3 hype train cannot be stopped. Good luck, duders.

Posted by RE_Player1

Terrible news and I hope all goes well the rest of the show.

Sucks we didn't get their genuine gut reaction to all the news today. It won't be the same.

Posted by MistaSparkle

Ah! Rorie! I thought you were in LA my previous post makes no sense :(

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Man that sucks! And you guys were just talking last 'cast about what you would do if this happened...

I sincerely hope it was not one us/listeners. People suck.

Posted by AV_Gamer

Glad you guys are okay and nothing violent happened with the people who stole the gear from you. That sucked.

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Whoever took there shit stole from CBS, LL cool J will be on it momentarily

Posted by machinerebel

I am upset! Who do I have to hunt down and kill.

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Oh, man, I don't know where to start! Hope to hear from you folks soon!

Edited by Lingxor

I'm ashamed to be an LA native.

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@aquacadet said:

was it a heist or a caper?

too soon?

It was a heist that may have been part of a caper, depending on if some the thieves wore disguises or whether or not they moved in and out through an air duct.

Edited by Marshy50

I was robbed back in 08 and they took my PS3, 360, Wii, laptop & my 32 lcd tv. I fucking hate thieves.

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Yes, the important thing is that the crew is alright. This is just one event, Giantbomb is forever.

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Nothing stops the Bombcast.


Posted by spiralsin

This should make for an interesting week. Hope you guys get your gear back!

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"You stealin' from me? I don't see anybody else's stuff lying around, so you must be stealin' from me."

Here's to a quick and easy recovery.

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See, this is what actual theft looks like. A huge pain in the ass to all concerned, including the thieves that now have to find the dirtiest of pawn shops, or start producing their own comedy livestream.

Props to Matthew Rorie for holding down the Giant Bomb brand today, good effort.

Posted by skinnyluigi

grate jorb

Posted by RetroVirus


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: (

I can't imagine how stressfull/shitty/weak this has to be for the GB crew. I really hope they can get back to their feet relatively easily / hassle free, the last thing these guys need is more stress/work during E3.

I don't even really care for live streams if its going to be too hard at this point, as long as we get the crew talking about E3 in some format at some point soonish, I'm happy.