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Nintendo Announces New 3DS IP: Codename: S.T.E.A.M.

Not content with pretty great Digital Event and Treehouse streams, Nintendo has saved one more major announcement for the second day of E3.

Nintendo decided to hold one more surprise for E3: a brand-new IP for the 3DS from director Histoshi Yamagami, apparently designed by Intelligent Systems, creators of the Fire Emblem and Advance Wars series of games. Codename: S.T.E.A.M. is a turn-based strategy game with some action elements, set in a world where all technology is steam-based. The world is under attack by alien forces, and none other than Abraham Lincoln has commissioned a fighting force of steam-powered units to fight them off. It will launch in 2015.

We'll update this story when we get more details and, hopefully, video or screenshots. And here we are updating this article now with some screenshots. Hopefully we'll have some kind of trailer or gameplay footage for you soon.

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Posted by Nameless2000

Lincoln Force?!

Posted by SpaceCouncil

steampunk XCOM?

Posted by HatKing

It's like one funny cat picture away from 'internet: the game'.

Posted by Cerberus3Dog

Abraham Lincoln!? Whaaa

Posted by Crunchman

This sounds almost too awesome.

Posted by Onisama

This would explain the Lincoln Mii showing up in Smash Brothers, eh?

Posted by slndr

Posted by jouhn

Steam-Powered? So the units are going to hold sales every season to empty the wallets of their enemies on resources they will never use?

This sounds so ridiculous, can't wait to see what comes out of it.

Posted by LarcenousLaugh

Lincoln Force is no shit the first thing I thought of reading that description.

Posted by flasaltine

Gaben and Nintendo collaboration?

Edited by RetroVirus

Lincoln Force is real!!! I just found this awesome fan art of it.

Posted by Okrag

Bill Trinen is saying that Miyamoto isn't involved in this game.

Posted by DystopiaX

Someone at Nintendo heard of Lincoln Force.

Posted by HerbieBug

Half Life 3 confirmed.

Posted by 49th

THE GAME HWERVE ALL BE WAITING FOR... steam punk turn based strategy with abraham lincoln truly nintendo has saved the big 3ds annoucements i cant beleive i doubted them

Posted by Veektarius

For some reason I totally misread this and thought it was saying the Nintendo was going to be using Steam for all of its online services.

Posted by adamm0

Intelligent Systems? YES! Turn based? YES! 3DS? YES! It's like this was made for me!

Posted by Pudge

I'm so happy right now, and I barely know what the game is!

Lincoln Force LIVES!

Posted by Wario64

Screens here:

Edited by AngriGhandi



Nintendo's still got a knack for the unexpected, that's the damn truth.

Edited by DeF

@rorie feel free to tag this to the wiki page that already exists: Codename S.T.E.A.M.

also, Miyamoto has nothing to do with this game. This is all Intelligent Systems and Nintendo SPD's Yamagami.

Posted by Dalai

First Lincoln is in Smash Bros. and now this. That fucker gets around.

Posted by Lunnington

Lincoln better be a character in Super Smash Bros now.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Sure, let Intelligent Systems make a new game! The concept sounds rad.

Posted by Dross

Sounds rad.

Edited by beard_of_zeus

@wario64 said:

Screens here:

Nice, thanks. Actually reminds me a lot of Valkyria Chronicles.

Posted by rand0mZer00

The world is under attack by alien forces, and none other than Abraham Lincoln has commissioned a fighting force of steam-powered units to fight them off.


Posted by Substance_D

I imagine the idea for this game came about from Miyamoto watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter while he played Advance Wars.

Man, I hope this game plays like Advance Wars.

Posted by Alek

@larcenouslaugh said:

Lincoln Force is no shit the first thing I thought of reading that description.

For serious!

Posted by Rejizzle

Oh shit! Nintendo just became a whole new level of weird. Only question is if the game is set during Lincoln's presidency, killing aliens with the power of steam is how Lincoln becomes president, or if Lincoln can time travel.

Posted by nick_verissimo

So, maybe Lincoln in Smash Bros. was a tease right? Bring on the Ice-T turn-based, dating sim!

Edited by Ryanmgraef

This sounds so rad! Fuck yeah nintendo! Keep tearin shit uppp!

Posted by FastRedPonyCar

Abe Lincolns vs Aliens? Shit I'm sold.

Posted by danielheard

You misspelled Starfox.

Posted by hellerphant

Definitely on board for this, looks interesting. Hopefully we see a trailer soon.

Posted by TheMasterDS

Amazing. Amazing. This is the best new IP out of Nintendo for a long time. It's crazy how they're not relying on their old shit this E3. There hasn't been a significant amount of new IP on Ninendo platforms since the golden age of Rare.


Posted by mithical


Posted by Zeg

That screenshot reminds me a little of Valkyria Chronicles, so coming from Intelligent Systems that could be pretty cool.

But... as much as it's ridiculous to complain about any new IP coming out of Nintendo, I'd still rather have Advance Wars.

Posted by Abendlaender


Posted by Dberg

In before Valve lawsuit.

Posted by Rukus

Kinda bitter that the announcement wasn't for a Majora's Mask 3DS. At least there's TGS 2014, right?

Posted by iamian

I'm sure this game will be awesome but man that art style is not my cup of tea.

Edited by Corvak

It makes a lot of sense to do this at E3, knowing full well that Majoras Mask 3DS could show up in any random Direct and get the same coverage as it would now.

Posted by geirr

Not quite the Nintendo games on Steam that I was deliriously dreaming about.

Posted by RioStarwind

I'm not quite sure why they had to do a meeting without showing any video if they were just going to show it all off today anyway. Seems like a cool game.

Posted by Ciao

So who is making FE x SMT?

Edited by Benmo316

This looks awesome.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

"The world is under attack by alien forces, and none other than Abraham Lincoln has commissioned a fighting force of steam-powered units to fight them off."

Fucking sold.

Posted by CircleNine

Oh good, steampunk. That's hip with all the teens nowadays, right?

Posted by Budwyzer
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