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Portal 2 PS3 Includes Cross-Platform Play, PC/Mac Versions

In a perfect world, every PS3 game will ship with Steamworks support from now on.

As expected, the PS3 version of Portal 2 will feature full cross-platform compatibility with the PC and Mac versions of the game. According to a recent press release, PS3 owners will be able to chat and jump into matchmaking with PC and Mac users, and they’ll also be able to save their game using Steam’s cloud-based service, ensuring that progress is never lost when switching platforms.

And speaking of different platforms, the PC and Mac version of Portal 2 will also come free to PS3 users who link their PSN and Steam accounts, much like how the Mac version of a Steam Play game comes free to PC owners.    



"We made a promise to gamers at E3 that Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3 would be the best console version of the product," Valve head honcho Gabe Newell said in a statement. "Working together with Sony we have identified a set of features we believe are very compelling to gamers. We hope to expand upon the foundation being laid in Portal 2 with more Steam features and functionality in DLC and future content releases," he said.

The PS3 version of Portal 2 was announced back at Sony’s E3 2010 press briefing and traditional Steamworks functionality was promised at the event. This version of the game is still slated to ship day and date with the PC, Mac, and Xbox 360 versions in April, 2011.
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Posted by cgoodno
@Surkov said:
" Question: If I buy the PS3 version and I put the PC version on my brother's PC on using my Steam account, can we play coop?  Or can I only play one version at a time on my account? "
You will have to link your PSN account to your Steam account, so not likely.
Posted by TheHT

Woah, that's kinda crazy. I still don't have any interest to play it on a console, but this is still interesting.

Posted by LOZZAT

Awesome, the people I know getting Portal 2 were all set on getting it for PC, and mine isn't that great, but I can play with them now! The people at Valve deserve congratulations, and the money which I will probably spend on Portal 2 ^^

Posted by OneAndOnlyBigE
@xyzygy said:
" @GS_Dan said:
" @xyzygy said:
" This is cool... but won't the PS3 controller severely limit the abilities of the user, compared to the PC user? For instance, you can play Portal much faster on the PC because of KB/M. Consoles take a little while long because of the nature of analog sticks. So that brings up the questions of the equality of control between one person playing the PS3 and another playing the PC in a multiplayer session.  Personally having no care in the matter of multiplayer I'll be picking this up for the 360. Even if I wanted to play it online it's not like there'll be a shortage of people online anyway. "
Shouldn't really matter, since it isn't competitive.  "
I thought speedrunning was a pretty competitive part of Portal. "
I think he means the multiplayer isn't competitive, it's just co-op.
Posted by nintendoeats

That's awesome, Valve rules, Its good to see Sony opening things up, I would still prefer to play it on a PC.
Comma splice go!

Posted by D_W

Nice! Now I'll be able to play with my friend who doesn't have a decent PC.

Posted by Jayross

Called it five days ago!

That's a VERY good reason to buy Portal 2 for PS3.

Posted by Fortenium

Very funny that this article shows up. Recently I debated whether to buy "Portal 2" on PlayStation 3 or Steam. Well, this makes my decision final.

Posted by SamSharp505

I would really do this (such a good deal) but I don't want to download Portal 2 for PC, because my internet sucks...hmmmm :( 

Posted by Hef

Well i was going to buy the game on PC anyways, so why not get it on PS3 for trophies!  If the only difference between the Steam and PS3 version is the $10 price cut PC games get, i think i'll just get it on the PS3.  Two copies for the price of one?  Hell yeah!

Posted by Radar

Buy from Amazon 
Put in disc and get free copy 
Return to Amazon, claiming defective 
Eat the ~$20 opened media fee 

Posted by usedtype

This is pretty meaningless for me as I neither own a PS3 nor have friends with PS3s.  That being said, the very idea behind this is just awesome.  Good on Valve for including this and good on Sony for being willing to open up their system for this.  This should, but probably won't, be how all future multi-platform releases work.

Posted by wewantsthering
@The_Painted said:
" @wewantsthering said:
" A bummer for us XB360 owners! :-( Good on Sony for being open though! "
Yes, and it's a bummer for us PS3 owners when Microsoft aggressively tries to secure timed exclusivity rights to DLC all the time.   Anywho, I'm pretty excited by this. I'm not sure how well my laptop will be able to run Portal 2, so being able to get it on the PS3 and have a free copy of the PC version is handy. "
I agree. I wish all games came out on all platforms, at the same time.
Posted by Spoonman671

I wish Bethesda would do this with their games.  I prefer to play them on consoles because I can sit back and relax for hours, but it's nice to have a PC copy for when I want to play with mods or make some mods of my own.

Posted by mracoon

Valve continues to be awesome.

Posted by FinalCut

This sealed the deal on which version(s) I'm getting now. I really wanted to play with my Steam and PSN friends; now I don't have to choose! Essentially this means that the PS3 version will give you 3 copies of the game, Mac, PC and obviously PS3, that's pretty generous of them but is also a great way for PS3 users to create a Steam account if they haven't already done so (which they should anyway).
Valve, you never disappoint (except with Half-Life 2: Episode 3 D:)!

Posted by defaulttag

HOLY SHIT THAT'S SICK!! Getting the PS3 version GIVES ME THE PC version for FREE!!

Posted by Zoidberg

Sweet :D 
My  computer can hardly run the first portal, and all my portal-playing friends are getting this one on PC. So this is perfect!

Posted by DBones
@xyzygy: Well, considering Portal is mainly a puzzle game and a co0op one at that, I don't think it is going to be much of an issue.  If there was a competitive multiplayer mode, then we would have a problem.
Posted by myuusmeow

To be honest, I don't see very many PC players wanting to play with consolers, but SteamPlay also working for consoles sounds awesome. But does this mean non-resellable console games?

Posted by kennybaese

This is pretty damn cool. Makes me even more happy to own a PS3. 

Posted by kevlar907

This is awesome, glad to see someone out there is really looking out for the consumer and making the best choices for them.

Posted by captain_clayman

god this is awesome, now i can play with my noob PS3 friends.

Posted by StarvingGamer

Oh wow srsly?  Guess I'm buying this on PS3 instead of PC

Posted by R_

So awesome!

Posted by ch13696

Here is a blank check with my signature. Take as much as you want out of my bank account.

Posted by ThePhenomenal1

this right here is why Valve is the greatest of all game developers.

Posted by Kyle

Never thought I'd say this, but I'm definitely getting the PS3 version of Portal 2. I mean, I'm still gonna play it on PC, but hey, if I can buy the PS3 copy and get both versions, that's what I'm gonna do.

Posted by dcgc

Valve at it's best: actually concerning about their costumers.

Posted by Lingxor

Gabe, you're blowing my mind.

Posted by Mushir

If Valve was a person, I'd have sex with it right now.

Posted by RahRahRobot

I <3 you, Steam!

Posted by Faint

valve are the bomb. ill be buying this on ps3 now!

Edited by Funzzo

So I could buy the ps3 version and get the PC version for free. Then trade in the ps3 version? I dont have a ps3.
Posted by EndlessObsidian
@Funzzo said:
" So I could buy the ps3 version and get the PC version for free. Then trade in the ps3 version? I dont have a ps3. "
No. According to the news article you need to link your PSN account to your Steam account to acquire the PC download.
Posted by Artisan88

Oh man. Now I've got an erection that's going to last over 6 hours.

Posted by XxRANGAxX

so wait dose this mean if you buy it on ps3 you get a free copy of it on steam orrr if you just link you psn with steam (can you do that yet?) you get a free copy of portal 2 on PC/Mac?

Posted by FCKSNAP
@XxRANGAxX said:
" so wait dose this mean if you buy it on ps3 you get a free copy of it on steam orrr if you just link you psn with steam (can you do that yet?) you get a free copy of portal 2 on PC/Mac? "
When the game comes out you will log into steam through the game and get it for free (they may include a code for you to enter). This then lets you play with a friend cross-platform right-away.
Posted by Zidane_24

So...EVERY PS3 version comes with the PC version, right? It's not just some preorder bonus or something, right?

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