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Sam Fisher Wearing Night Vision Goggles

Also, a release date announcement for the next Splinter Cell.

Some might call this the final conclusion of the bet between Vinny and Ryan regarding Sam Fisher's ability to see in the dark in the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction.

 This is what a 50 dollar bill looks like.
It even has the potential to settle what could have been a great "double or nothing" bet by showing him rocking one with three lights... or eye sockets... or whatever the hell they call those things that NVGs have.

The shot was yanked from a trailer announcing the game's release date, which is February 23, 2010. That... just to be extra-safe... will be when we can finally put this bet to bed, since the game will be out and absolutely finalized. It's merely a formality, of course. But we might as well drag this out to its official end before Ryan pays up. Here's the trailer:
Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
Posted by torus
Given that the E3 footage was in-game, I think it's safe to assume that the real game WILL look like that.
Posted by nick69
@regularassmilk said:
" @nick69 said:
" lol, ryan lost "
Posted by Media_Master

Slow day for news...

Posted by nenoy_age

This will be a great kick ass game, I can tell by just looking the story line.

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From the splintercell page on facebook 
"Apart from this new level, one important new feature is the goggles. The three green lenses have been an iconic part of the series from the outset, and now they return with new technology. Producer Parizeau explains that while they have changed in functionality, the goggles are very much a fit for this latest entry in the series. They employ sonar, meaning enemies show up through walls as bold white figures against a pale white background. This means you can mark targets for execution even if they’re not in line of sight – the goggles become integral to beating trickier situations once you get them. Technology such as this still comes from Third Echelon, however this time it is taken rather than given. Sam Fisher isn’t exactly in the business of saying please now."    
Posted by InFamous91

poor ryan =(

Posted by TheHBK

whatever, this bet doesnt mean anything if ryan doesnt do the gin.

Posted by Swaboo
@TheHBK: Ryan seemed to like the gin just fine last time so it wouldn't be much of a punishment now would it?
Posted by Dirty_Harry

Vinny, you dont need the money, make a horrible drink for Ryan.

Posted by TheHBK
@Swaboo: your right.  something else has to be done to him but what....?
Posted by c1337us

The screenshot is awful. If it weren't for the trailer as well I would doubt its legitamacy.

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The trailer looks awesome! Sam Fisher's voice has always been badass... I think I prefer his voice to Solid Snake's, which seems caricaturized and affected to me.  (I love MGS)
However, I agree that some parts of that trailer, in screenshot form, look like a PSP build of the game... 
Still.... day one purchase!

Posted by Moztacular

does anyone else think the graphics for this look like absolute crap, especially given how many years they've been "working" on this game? The videos I've seen up until this trailer seemed pretty good but for some reason this trailer looks like an original xbox/PS2 game. Still excited for it though

Posted by Akeldama
@AuthenticM said:
" I know it probably isnt... but this looks shopped. Just look at the pic. "
lol did you even watch the video?
Posted by myghart

I've grown to dislike stuff like "exclusive in-game material only with pre-order at [insert punk-ass retailer here]", which in this case appears to be a shotgun. I just don't like the direction it's going... What's next, pre-order at [insert punk-ass retailer here] to get exclusive final version while others just get a preview code?

Posted by Floppypants

I guess I won't be playing Splinter Cell: Conviction with a shotgun.

Posted by Dethfish

You ever wonder what Ryan losing a bet looks like? Wha bam! There it is.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Game looks good. 
 Hope they make another video of settling the bet. 

Posted by WilliamRLBaker

MICHAEL FUCKING IRONSIDE on a side note i hope the game looks better then that it looks like total shit.

Posted by Danda

The trailer looks bad. Where are the graphics from E3? 
Of course they are night vision googles! He doesn't work for the government anymore, but he got the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 on eBay or something. 
One silly thing about the screenshot: if you can be identified by your (stupid) tattoos, why would you even cover your face?
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@Dirty_Harry said:

" Vinny, you dont need the money, make a horrible drink for Ryan. "

$50 worth of horrible drinks! Serves Ryan right. To claim that Sam would loose his trademarked goggles is like suggesting Windows drops it's windows symbol or Apple starts using a banana. On second thought though I don't want GB to degenerate into a Japanese TV-show with people being forced to drink and eat yukky stuff. 
Maybe force him to play an endurance run instead ^^
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@c1337us said:
"The screenshot is awful. If it weren't for the trailer as well I would doubt its legitamacy. "

I think the screenshot looks bad simply because the photo was enlarged and looks like it has very heavy compression artifacting.
Posted by superpope

Looks like Sam bought the ultra-limited edition of Modern Warfare 2.
Posted by jNerd

I knew Ryan was going to loose. lol
Posted by Capt_Ventris
@superpope said:
" Looks like Sam bought the ultra-limited edition of Modern Warfare 2. "
Thats what he was doing all these years. Fragging noobz on Xbox Live. Nice
Posted by HeyLookIJust

I was with Ryan on this and behind his reasoning when this all first came up, oh well! =D

Posted by ashton

i dunno, im still holding out that Ryan can take this bet
during that whole trailer he has the goggles on his forehead in like 2 scenes but never technically "wears" them 
probably a long shot, but it would be hilarious if Ryan won

Posted by MeierTheRed
Posted by JohnnyMcmillen

This is looking less sharp than it did at E3

Posted by Afroman269

Ubisoft should put Sam Fisher at the very end saying, "Yes Ryan, I will be wearing night vision goggles."

Posted by stinky

sam appears to be getting younger.

Posted by Osphere

Sam Fisher's blank expression is quite blank.

Posted by Luck3ySe7en
@JohnnyMcmillen said:
" This is looking less sharp than it did at E3 "
Its strange but it really doesn't look as pretty.  They still have almost 5 months till the finished product.
Posted by Hermie

I made this for you guys:

Posted by MforMaverick

I have to say, this game is looking better and better every time I see it.

Posted by Haethos
@Hermie said:
" I made this for you guys:
lol epic
Posted by Crono

Pay up Ryan.  You lose!

Posted by Griddler

Eh, we already knew he was going to lose

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@Haethos said:
" @Hermie said:
" I made this for you guys:
lol epic "
LMAO that is some sight
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Very true my friend, but it still shows ryans impending passover :-D
I'm going to download that video so fast my finger will hurt. 
I enjoyed jeff's gin bet with dave, so I can't wait for the inevitable result of this one. lol. 
Unlucky Ryan. Smart man on the whole not taking a "double or nothing" addition to this monkey business.
Posted by crusnchill

Cha ching Vinny!
Posted by TomA

i fucking hate preorder bonuses and GameStop alltogether

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Wait wait wait wait wait.
That trailer.
The graphics are terrible.
This game looked GREAT at E3, what the HELL happened?

Posted by Meltbrain

That's pretty conclusive proof, I'd say. Looking forward to when you guys get a Retail copy and Ryan pays up, I assume there will no doubt be video documentation of proceedings. =D