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'Spartan Ops' Is Halo 4's New Episodic Multiplayer Mode

Players will be able to engage in weekly multiplayer missions aboard the UNSC Infinity.

Spartan Ops will take you to the UNSC Infinity...and beyond! HAH! You see it's funny's...okay, I'll just show myself out.

So today is Halo 4 news day, evidently. In addition to the details on Halo 4's Special Edition release, Microsoft additionally revealed new details regarding Halo 4's multiplayer suite. Most notably, the Spartan Ops mode.

Spartan Ops is a story-based multiplayer mode for up to 4 players that takes place aboard the UNSC Infinity, the ship that acts as Halo 4's primary multiplayer hub. The missions that take place in Spartan Ops are essentially an offshoot of the main Halo 4 campaign, with new missions released on a weekly basis that flesh out the story of the Infinity, its crew, and a new team of Spartans. These missions will allow players to "explore the corners of Requiem in these objective-based missions, and help uncover the secrets of the mysterious Forerunner world."

This mode comes in addition to the previously revealed War Games mode, which serves as Halo 4's competitive multiplayer option.

I expect we'll be hearing a whole bunch more about Spartan Ops and War Games come E3, since, you know, that's kind of what E3 is meant for.

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Posted by cleanitupjohny

welcome to 5 weeks ago

Posted by Tebbit

Op-sey daisy.

Posted by Zereta

@Ravenlight said:

Episodic? Valve has proven that it's literally impossible to release more than two episodes. If Valve can't do it, what makes MS/343 think they can do it?

You realize that as of now, Valve is the only one to outright fail at delivering on the episodic promise, right?

Posted by D_train_lives

why is everyone comparing this to COD spec ops there saying it has weekly story events built in that seems nothing like spec ops to me, spec ops is a pointless bolt on to the game so another point can be put on the back of the COD box this seems like a co op campaign

Posted by EndlessLotus

What the hell is the "Requiem"?

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

If this I like the amzing Spec-Ops from COD MW2 I will buy.

Posted by Village_Guy

@EndlessLotus said:

What the hell is the "Requiem"?

Requiem is the Forerunner Shield World (I think it is a Shield World at least) that some parts (or the majority as far as we know) that Halo 4 will take place on.

Posted by DanTheGamer32

@ez123: how is the multiplayer too 'CODified'? More importantly, how do you even know?

Posted by ez123

@DanTheGamer32: It's been known for a while that the game is going to have perks. I don't consider grinding multiplayer just so I can be equal to other players fun, others do. Ordinance Drops and Instant Respawn seems indicative of what they're going for, too. People who'd complain about waiting 10 seconds after they died.

How I know is that someone posted this stuff here.

Posted by DanTheGamer32

@ez123: Well I know someone who's actually at E3 who's played several hours of the game who says otherwise; that the game feels nothing like CoD, it's more Halo at it's core. The perks and loadouts are all well balanced so no-one is 'better' than someone else just because of their perk choice like in CoD. From what he tells me (he's the biggest Halo fan I know btw, like seriously hardcore) there is nothing to worry about :)

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