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The Game Gets Into the Game With Natal

That's the last of the stupid obvious wordplay in this article, I promise.

If it's going to have a chance at achieving any kind of mainstream acceptance of Natal , Microsoft 's going to have to be vigilant of getting it in front of regular people. People like, say, Compton-based rapper and former Dr. Dre protégé The Game. WorldStar HipHop has some footage of The Game trying out that full-body 3D Breakout game and a Natal-controlled version of Burnout Paradise at E3 . Dude might be a serious Madden player, but he's a little hesitant to really commit to the whole full-body, looking-like-a-jackass thing that seems to be a critical component to the Natal experience. Then again, I doubt 50 Cent would be any more willing to act the fool, which is why someone really needs to get Weird Al and Natal in front of a camera together.

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Edited by Landmine
@ultrapeanut said:
"@Landmine said:
" @Babylonian said:
"@Landmine said:
" Everyone in the ghetto is gonna want Natal now... son. "
Please pause to look at how offensively white your words are. "
Please explain to me how you come to this conclusion. You trying to make me out to be some kind of racist? "
The issue is what you said, not what you are."

There is nothing wrong with the humor I used, nor is it "offensively white" as Babylonian claims. Whatever that is suppose to mean. It's pretty ridiculous that he has decided to inject race into a comment that had nothing to do with race, and the fact the you seem to take issue with it as well. I must warn you guys(and girls) then, don't turn on your televisions and watch MTV, VH1, BET, Comedy Central, well... anything! You may be offended by it.

So by his logic, no one in the "ghetto" is white nor do they say things like "ghetto" and "son".

So I will clarify what I meant in my satirical comment.  I am referring to Microsoft's marketing to the urban demographic (yes even white people are in this demographic), and how The Game seemed to not want to play Breakout style game wholeheartedly. It's called ironic humor.

If I went searching for something offensive in the comments of this or any other site, I could most certainly twist and distort anything anyone writes into something offensive.

Moving on.
Posted by Jedted

Microsoft's marketing line the Natal is the only thing i don't like about it.  "The only experience nessicary is Life Experience!"

The reason i play video games is to do stuff that i don't have the skills to do in real life.

Posted by Babylonian
@Hamst3r said:
" @Babylonian: Please pause to look at how you injected race into what had nothing to do with race. "
Yup! If there was any overwhelmingly awkward racial tension or signs of unbelievably ignorance in the comment "Everyone in the ghetto is gonna want Natal now... son", it was definitely pulled completely out of thin air by me. Great assessment!
Posted by cc23574

We need to have the Game talking with Milo!

'I completed my homework!'

'Yeah, great for you. bitch ass punk, now get the fuck outta here befo ya'll be laying six feet under '


Posted by Einherjan

One of my favorite rappers. Mainly because of his whole persona, but the look on his face before you even start the video is priceless.

Posted by ChopperDave47
@KillaMaStA said:
" Nice, I still dont think you could ever play a driving game like that though "
yeah... me too. i dont' understand how that works. and i dont see how its practical.. the wii wheel sucks, i would rather use a controller, i think this will be the same way
Posted by Media_Master

Weird Al would be great!

Posted by cc23574

I just had to pull this one out

'Yo dawg we heard you like the game so we put the game in you're game so you can play with the game in your game'

Posted by GeekWhenSpoken2

This may sound odd to say but it's good to see someone black playing with Natal, after all the problems I had with You're in the Movies due mostly I believe to the pigment of my skin, I had some concern about similar problems with Natal.

Posted by gunslingerNZ

Oh man a rapper as a celebrity endorsement, I'm so sold... Natal looks even better than transformers 2 ;)

Posted by fallen_elite