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We're Actively Looking Into Reporting This Metal Gear Solid 4 On Xbox 360 Story

We're also actively thinking about unpacking, taking a shower, and perhaps ordering pizza.

Or maybe this lady could come up every few hours and say "please insert the next disc!"
IGN has the goods on a TGS-related report on multiplatform trends from a Japanese investment research company called Morningstar. Apparently some Konami public relationist was asked about Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Xbox 360, and this person is quoted with "we're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360."

So consider the whole MGS4/360 rumor thing back on, I guess. 

IGN goes on to talk about the hurdles in putting the large Blu-Ray game onto several Xbox 360 discs. Perhaps everyone has forgotten that as of 11/19, we'll all be able to install Xbox 360 games to our 360's hard drive. While slapping a fat "requires 60GB or 120GB hard drive" logo on the back of the box would probably deter a lot of people, it would solve the problem. That said, a disc swap at every act or so wouldn't be that punishing, either.
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Posted by Killroycantkill

*cough* This story was reported from IGN....... remeber that. (BRB not a credible source for gaming news if you ask me). *cough*

Posted by KillaMaStA

I dont really care, MGS4 is done.

BTW, why make a port to the 360? All other mgs games have been on the PS so the 360 people probably dont know about the story and most of them already hate MGS4 just because its on the PS3.My point is that everyone who wanted MGS4, alreay has it...

Posted by Ender

Whoa Killroy, that was a rough cough, you should get that checked out.

IF MGS4 comes to 360, it won't be by Kojima's choice and I can't possibly see it running that smooth on 360, that would take a considerable amount of time to get it to fit 360 specs.

Posted by Tony1661

I really don't care about Metal Gear anymore. If they released it with the ps3 version i may have gotten it but i'm not getting it months after the ps3 guys and getting their sloppy seconds!

Posted by Nate

Oh, please, please, please, please, please, please, please. Still, I'm not holding my breath.

Posted by DECA555

what really pisses me off is all the xbox fanboys (well i shouldnt say all but a the majority) ive seen on the forums all said "MGS4 is gay" or "MGS4 sucks" and then when there is a rumour that it is coming to the 360, all of a sudden "OMG WOOT" and "I hope so that would be great."

If halo came to the PS3  i would be fucking pissed. We dont need that trash on our consoles. Plus we have resistance which is easily 10X as good. 8 player Co-op, 60 Player online, loads of inventive weapons, epic boss battles, etc.

Rant Over

Posted by leky1
@Coltonio7 said:
" >=(Then what does Sony have other than Little Big Planet!? "
*ehem*:Uncharted one and two,motorstorm,resistance one and two (and there are some rumors about a 3) oh and please...this aint gonna happen