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XBLA "House Party" Games Dated And Priced

The party starts on February 16. Mark it down!

Those Xbox Live Arcade “House Party” games that were revealed at CES are coming sooner than later, according to a recent Major Nelson blog post. Konami's side-scrolling throwback Hard Corps: Uprising will lead off the themed releases starting on Feb. 16, and will then be followed by...


This is the XBLA version. See, button prompts and everything!     

That’s at least a couple of potential must-haves, right? The prices there are fairly tame considering the more high-profile nature of these downloadables, too. According to Nelson, Bejeweled Blitz, Beyond Good & Evil HD, and Full House Poker will all hit at an agreeable 800 MSPs. Torchlight and Hard Corps: Uprising will hit at the usual 1200 Microsoft Banana Dollars.

So, what games are you thinking about grabbing?        
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Posted by Pop

oh man I want Hard Corps but no PC release :(. anybody know of that type of game on the PC (the contra style)

Posted by JJOR64

Looking forward to see how the XBLA version of Torchlight turns out.

Posted by EchoEcho

Beyond Good & Evil, Hard Core, and Torchlight. Even though I already have Torchlight on the PC.

Posted by Kelswitch

Gaddammit, Torchlight is out 2 days before Dragon Age 2! (UK) 
Looks like my Xbox will be extra monopolizing my free time in March.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

I'm incredibly excited about Hard Corps: Uprising, and I think I also wanna pick up Torchlight and BG&E. Beyond Good and Evil was great the first time I played it, and I'm definitely interested in revisiting it again for only 10 bucks.

Posted by Leadcat

Torchlight and Bejeweled Blitz are both great, but I already own them. 
Never played Beyond Good and Evil (*hangs head in shame*) so I could pick that up.    

Posted by spiceninja

I'll be getting Beyond Good & Evil. I already own Torchlight and the other games don't interest me.

Posted by artofwar420


Posted by niamahai

wha no buy 3 fee 1 deal?

Posted by septim

Had no idea BGE was even getting an HD remake. At 800 MSP it is soooo fucking bought.
Really want Torchlight... Just not sure I can justify paying triple for what it routinely goes for on PC though.

Posted by Hunkulese

Why do people continue to pay for poker games?

Posted by TobyD81

Hard Corps next week!

Posted by Aleryn

Looking forward to Contra and Torchlight.

Posted by eric_s07

Yes Torchlight!

Posted by Vao

Finally i can play though Beyond Good & Evil and shut some friends up. Still on the fence if i really need to play Torchlight again. 

Posted by crusader8463

Nothing that's going to motive me to dust off my 360.

Posted by cravins90

Wow I would have paid $15 for BG&E. Cannot wait to play that again.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Everyone should play through Beyond Good and Evil. There needs to be an uprising in interest on this game so we can finally get a BG&E 2!

Posted by DantronLesotho

Definitely getting Torchlight and BG&E since I never played it, but wtf. ANOTHER POKER GAME??? How many are on there already??? Like 15??? It was mostly a rhetorical question???

Edited by sopranosfan

Will get Torchlight sometime but right now I have a backlog of games I haven't played and some that I have played that I want to replay so I will probably wait a little while and see if it goes on sale.
Posted by Blaine

Definitely up for Beyond Good and Evil. 800 points is a pretty good price point too! Already played it on the original xbox but I think I didn't complete it. Booted it up on Steam the other day but my computer was having trouble with it. The music and sound effects brought back some good memories though! 
In other words, I can't wait for this!

Posted by Little_Socrates

Interested in trying BG&E, maybe gonna look at Hard Corps too.

Posted by MysteriousBob

Remember when XBLA was exclusively for 80s arcade games and Mega Drive ports? I do believe this is the first XBLA port we've seen of a game from the last gen.
No including emulated on demand ports, of course. 
Not getting it though. I want Torchlight. I own it for the PC already, but PC gaming for me is a pain for various reasons.

Posted by MikkaQ

Beyond Good and Evil for 800 points sounds real good to me.  Been a while since I played that game.

Posted by Shadow

I've been waiting to play Torchlight.  Cool.

Posted by icytower38

I'll probably end up getting Bejeweled Blitz, honestly the rest don't interest me all that much.

Posted by ds8k

I was hoping Beyond Good & Evil HD would be released for PC.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

None of those interest me. I already own Torchlight (and for the record, It's so much like Diablo that I would rather just play Diablo II), and for as much as I'm sure Beyond Good and Evil has a great story or whatever, I'm also sure that it hasn't aged well. Bejeweled is Bejeweled and Poker is Poker. Not exactly a selection I would consider worth promoting, other than maybe Torchlight. 
Then again, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Re-Shelled and Hydrophobia were also part of promotional blocks so....

Posted by HydraHam
@Hunkulese said:
" Why do people continue to pay for poker games? "
I could ask the same thing about the COD franchise, why do people continue to buy them?
Posted by MustardDragon

Oh No'z...Torchlight comes out the day after Dragon Age 2. Tactical Error ! ! !

Edited by Sanious
@Styl3s: Because I can buy a pack of cards at a store and play that way. I can't buy guns and shoot my neighbors to level up. :(
Posted by SleepyDoughnut

They should really change the name of Hard Corps: Uprising. Looks like a good game but the name is so forgettable, I don't care if it has precedence as a name.

Posted by MrKlorox

What a terribly wasted opportunity for a Kid and Play reference. Shameful.

Posted by zoozilla
@ds8k said:
" I was hoping Beyond Good & Evil HD would be released for PC. "
Well, it is on GOG for 10 bucks, and as with any PC game you can change the resolution, so...
Edited by MrKlorox
@zoozilla said:

" @ds8k said:

" I was hoping Beyond Good & Evil HD would be released for PC. "
Well, it is on GOG for 10 bucks, and as with any PC game you can change the resolution, so... "
No the PC version was a bad port. Don't play it unless you just HAVE to play this game and don't have a console. It's ultra buggy, controller support is extremely poor, and it's faux widescreen with no aspect correction. The downloadable console re-release will be the definitive version.
Posted by Fjordson
Gonna pick up Torchlight for sure. Other than that, slight chance I'll get BG & E HD.
Posted by jdgemnt21

I really like this line-up.

Posted by Raven_Sword

wait, so when does PSN get beyond Good and Evil HD? Its not a Arcade Exclusvie as far as I know.
Posted by Portis

Oh shit! 
Are these games hand picked by Kid 'N Play?

Posted by nickux

Full House Poker would be so much better if it were the sequel to Multimedia Celebrity Poker but with all the Tanners. 

Posted by kalmis

Having just played and finished Torchlight don't think I want to buy it again. Beyond Food and Evil on other hand is a must buy.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Didn't like Beyond Good & Evil one bit when I played it some years back, but I'm interested in seeing Torchlight and that Contra spinoff.

Posted by Hashbrowns
@MysteriousBob said:
"Remember when XBLA was exclusively for 80s arcade games and Mega Drive ports? I do believe this is the first XBLA port we've seen of a game from the last gen. No including emulated on demand ports, of course.  Not getting it though. I want Torchlight. I own it for the PC already, but PC gaming for me is a pain for various reasons. "

Wouldn't the Dreamcast technically be considered part of the last console generation?  We've had several HD releases from the Dreamcast on XBLA.
Posted by Tacoboy1986

Totally getting Beyond Good & Evil. Its a steal at only ten bucks!

Posted by Sargus

I would be way more excited if I didn't already own the two best games (Torchlight and Beyond Good & Evil) on other platforms. Still, I won't be surprised if I repurchase them later for points.

Posted by BraveToaster

I already have Torchlight on Steam, but it's good enough to buy twice.

Posted by Mabui

Do I want to play Beyond Good and Evil again.. hrm~ That last boss - I don't know..

Posted by WickedCobra03

Well, I already have Torchlight for Mac and PC, that that is a probably not.  Beyond Good and Evil HD could be good though.  The only thing is that I hate buying games on the 360 because I have this sneaking suspicion that they are not going to carry to the next console or whatever and also the 360's are flaming piles of garbage in the first place so I have to worry about unlinking the game whenever my current 360 RRoD's.

Posted by Gamer_152

Cool games but what kind of house party do people playing Torchlight and Beyond Good & Evil at?

Posted by matrix_hiei

already have torchlight on pc (paid $5 for it back in 09), but i'll be getting beyond good and evil. one of my favorite games from last gen, but i sold my copy after beating it years ago. i would love to go through it again on xbl.