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Hello sirs, just looking for random people that are presently playing the singleplayer of AC4 on PS3 to add to my friend list, what happens is there's randomly spawned chests and events that are shared between your friends so the more friends you have playing the more of those events you get; the 3 I've seen so far are a random chest with 1000 gold, a beefy frigate convoy with 10,000 gold (tough early on), and white whale spawns which basically requires almost every whaling upgrade (it's essentially the lake boss from RE4 minus QTEs, pretty fun); the only other way to get white whale skins is to buy them for 20,000 though. You're also able to help each other with convoys to speed them up and so on which is much more interesting than previous similar systems this time around. No clue if it will work cross platform.

Edit: Mods can move this to the AC4 forum.

#2 Posted by deskp (505 posts) -

I'll add you, Anyone who wants can add me aswell! My psn id is: deskpe

#4 Posted by AltonBrown (967 posts) -

My ID is LordToastington. Feel free to add me!

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I'll be getting the PS4 version in a few weeks, but if it helps you or anyone else, go ahead and add me. PSN ID is sarahsdad, same as here on the forums.

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PSN ID - rahulricky

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My psn id is cclemon36, feel free to add me as well.

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My PSN id is vyse815, if you would like to add me.

Is this what that "Sharing is Caring" trophy is about? It says something like "share all types of discoveries with friends," but I haven't gotten far enough into the game yet to know what that means I guess.

Edit: I'm done with the game now. Please don't send me anymore requests.

#9 Posted by Winterwolf79 (49 posts) -

PSN - Winterwolf79

Feel free to add me and help speed up my fleet =D

#10 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7454 posts) -

@vyse: Yup, I have the trophy so it must just be the three things listed above; of which 2 are enormously profitable/moderately challenging.

#11 Posted by Petterkopp (2 posts) -

Damn nice game :) PSN Divell99

#12 Posted by milanbert (2 posts) -

Please add me too, psn id: milanbert

#13 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7454 posts) -

Evidently I had a royal convoy spawn while I was at a fort and the fort blew it up o.O

#14 Posted by ScottG13 (116 posts) -

PS4 Version in a couple of week. ScottG13. Feel free to add me.

#15 Posted by Killerfridge (324 posts) -

Anyone wants to add me, my id is Chandlebrap

Need to speed up those fleets!

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please don't send more requests.

#17 Posted by skurk (53 posts) -

By the way, I didn't realize that this was how it worked, but we have to find eachother's ships inside of Kenway's Fleet, click on them and either choose Heal or Speed Up. That is how you help, and then you get rewarded with a fire bomb.

#18 Posted by raiketsu (2 posts) -

Add me up please. ID: raiketsu69


#19 Posted by rahulricky (286 posts) -

@skurk: how far into the game do you start to have a fleet? I've played a lot of the game but mainly side stuff, I should probably do more main missions to start opening the game up more.

#20 Posted by handlas (2931 posts) -

I'm catsgomeyow

I'm playing on PS3 right now but I'll probably upgrade to the PS4 version. That framerate gets so bad at times... I hope it plays smooth on PS4.

#21 Edited by DriveupLife (1151 posts) -

My Uplay ID is Driveuplife47. Add me!

#22 Posted by Mindware (2 posts) -
#23 Posted by brambolino (2 posts) -

Add me plz: Brambolinozo

#24 Posted by curtiswhitt7 (2 posts) -

only 40% in, can add me to help with convoys ... : cjwhitt85

#25 Posted by Dent_ (4 posts) -

To be able to play together on Assassins Creed it is also good to be friends on Uplay to be able to collaborate on Kenways Fleet.

My Uplay and PSN username is the same:


#26 Posted by micah_shuler (2 posts) -

anyone who wants can add me i play alot and would be happy to help on your fleet missions just add me if you want i am on ps3 id is iceman698810

#27 Posted by Hippasus (10 posts) -

Hello, my psn ID is hippasus1 so feel free to add me. I play some multiplayer and have not yet finished the single player so playing that as well. Cheers!!

#28 Posted by Gunmonkey99 (3 posts) -

I wouldn't mind being added as well, this entire thing looks good so far.

My psn is shadesteper

#29 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7454 posts) -

Don't know why but this thread has gotten me maybe 150 friend requests (i.e. my friend's list is full now) so I took the liberty of deleting my name from the OP. I'd be all for it if some of the random people played multiplayer but no dice.

#30 Posted by ConFoofighting (2 posts) -

hi please add me i have no friends since i moved from 360 to ps4 :D


#31 Edited by Felts (2 posts) -

looking for some community share psn is Felts. Haven't gotten a single event yet so im really desperate lol

#32 Posted by IronManApA (2 posts) -

PSN id - IronMan-ApA.

#33 Posted by BabaORiely (110 posts) -

PSN ID - BaddArt

Please add me, I don't have any PSN friends. Thanks!

#34 Posted by pygrus (2 posts) -

PSN ID - Pygrus420 feel free to add me

#35 Posted by achmed1982 (4 posts) -

If anyone wants to add me my psn ID is achmed1982

#36 Posted by achmed1982 (4 posts) -

Im playing alot at the moment so feel free to add me PSN ID:achmed1982

#37 Posted by endi_batino (2 posts) -

Yupp everyone please add me too! I've been played for over 40 hours and haven't come across a single special chest, white whale, or royal convoy. This is the only real barrier i'm coming across for the platinum!

PSN id: batinobroz

#38 Posted by achmed1982 (4 posts) -
#39 Posted by clarkotron (2 posts) -

Me too no white whales or royal convoys. Add me too please on PS: clarkotron

#40 Edited by Nowherekido3 (2 posts) -

Hey, If anyone wants to add me its Nowherekido3. I am also doing the companion app so I can help you. I am just trying to get more fire barrels for the battles

#41 Posted by Sammo21 (4219 posts) -

I have played about 12-15 hours and haven't come across even one of these yet, lol. My PSN is Sammo21 if anyone wants to add. I won't add if you don't include a message about being from GB and I also don't do real name requests for people I don't know in real life.

#42 Edited by andypg (2 posts) -

Hey guys,

I'll start adding some of you to my FL for AC4 social stuff.

Feel free to add me as well. PSN: andypg

Thx :)

#43 Posted by scottykiller09 (2 posts) -

I dont have many friends playing AC 4 so my PSN ID = scottykiller09

#44 Posted by beldraith (2 posts) -

My Psn: Beldraith

Please include a Message like "ac4 Social stuff" or something like that.

#45 Edited by probablytuna (4234 posts) -

PSN: amigo-go. Feel free to add me.

#46 Posted by Gatehouse (851 posts) -

PSN - NormanStansfield, everyone on here feel free to add me. Hope no one minds if I add them.

#47 Posted by vaderbreath (73 posts) -

PSN- natebait756, feel free to add me

#48 Posted by djmorrison (2 posts) -

I've already added several of you guys. Feel free to add me if you'd like.

PSN: djmorrison

#49 Posted by Axun (2 posts) -

add me if you like

PSN: n_hill89

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