Assassin's Creed fans... have you heard of this?

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Apparently Showtime has made a show about the Borgia family titled, shockingly, The Borgias. As a huge fan of Assassin's Creed I immediately made the connection to the games and recent series villain Rodrigo Borgia, who appears to be the show's main character and will be portrayed by Jeremy Irons (awesome). Other characters from the games that will also be in the show are Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia. So I'm definitely interested in this, as Assassin's Creed tends to bring out the art and history buff in me. Of course it's likely that the characters on the show will be wildly different from the exaggerated versions in AssCreedBro. How bout you, Giant Bomb. Interested?   

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Jeremy Irons, you say? IN!

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I saw the trailer awhile back and it is very interesting to see what comes from this. Just more historical sex romp?

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I am aware of it and if it does nothing more than introduce more people to Assassin's Creed through the Borgias I'll be happy.

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I heard about it.  I have high hopes, but Jeremy Irons...  Look, I love Die Hard 3 and Kingdom of Heaven, but...Dungeons & Dragons, man...

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ShowTime? Only fancy-ass rich people pay for special-ass TV channels like that. 

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I saw the advertisment for this and got very excited as well!  I was surprised to see that Borgia family did exsist and that Luzcera did infact marry three times(games are teaching me?).  Think we'll see some brother/sister sex stuff?  I'm kinda sad that there won't be assassinations left and right in the background though.  I wonder if the show will portray the borgia's as ruthless and evil as AC:B is.  Also there was a movie about them as well.    Caterina's In the movie too!
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It should be a pretty good watch, considering Rodrigo Borgia was such a ruthless, disgusting bastards that the catholic church barely acknowledges that he existed.

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Ass-creed, bro!

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