Academic Research on Player Motivations

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Hi Everyone;

I am an Assistant Professor at Information Systems Department of Yeditepe University/Turkey. I am conducting a research on "Player Motivations" and "Assassin's Creed: Revelations" players are included in my survey target group. I designed a questionnaire on Player Motivations which can be found at :

Can you please help me collect data for my research?

PS: is my personal website and you can find more information about me and my previous publications in the website.

Yours Respectfully

Dr. Barbaros Bostan

Yeditepe University, Information Systems and Technologies Department

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Barbaros is a pretty cool name, congrats.

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This is not really a RPG, but whatever: I'll answer the inquiry.

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Well if playing an actual RPG almost all of those answers would depend on the type of character one is playing at that moment. That kind of makes the entire questionaire flawed. Unless you are always roleplayng the exact same character...

Also Assassins Creed Revelations is not an RPG.

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