After playing the Lost Archive DLC, where is this going?

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Hey everyone,

Lots of potential Spoilers will be contained within this thread, so just an FYI.

So, I just finished the Lost Archive DLC and I am really curious to see where the developers choose to go from here. The whole Lucy playing both sides of the battle and selling Subject 16 out to Abstergo really threw me for a loop. Because that was in a DLC, is it just as likely that they won't reference that at all?

Edit: Fixed. My bad guys.

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Just a heads up, put a spoiler tag/warning somewhere.

Anyways, I think at this point they should address that in ACIII. That was one of the issues I had with Revelations, is that some potentially major story elements in Desmond's arc--most notably the ending of Brotherhood (that somewhat carries over to Revelations) weren't fully addressed. I imagine a lot of people still have lingering questions about what the hell's going on in the series' universe right now and deserve to get the full picture.

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GAGHHH spoiler tags please. I mean I just traded my copy of revelations, but now I'm gonna have to youtube this dlc.

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@Djratchet: Yeah, youtube it. IMO, the DLC ain't worth it.

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@asian_pride: I found it funny that the challenge rooms in the DLC were actually easier than the ones present in the actual game.

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I don't fully understand though. I just watched the whole thing on YouTube, I thought it was kind of beautiful and sad, but the one thing I have a question on is, the final email from Lucy. Was she completely bad like Vidic seems, or was she about half bad half good? If she is bad, that sucks. I liked her, but maybe that was the point. It just seemed to me like she made bad choices, but her heart was still good in some respects, or is that not right?


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