Creating Master Assassins... am i missing something?

#1 Posted by guyver0 (192 posts) -

So all my dens are protected by master assassins but i'm not sure how to get my level 10 assassins to progress any futher... what am i missing?

#2 Posted by Waffles13 (622 posts) -

Go to one of your new Assassin Dens and assign them at the table. Then you do a mission or two with 'em and they rank up.

#3 Posted by Tweak (12 posts) -

I'm having the same issue too. Once I get my seven dens locked I can't level any other assassins past 10. Anyone know a way?

#4 Posted by Mike76x (559 posts) -

You can only have 7 master assassins.

The others will never go past 10, unless one of your masters dies on a mission.

#5 Posted by 137 (487 posts) -

also even if they're stuck at level 10 and they've been going on missions when you finally assign them a den and do their first mission the accumulative points will come back and rank the assasin up as originally intended.

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