chamin1's Assassin's Creed (Limited Edition) (Xbox 360) review

While repetitive this game's gameplay and story make it worth it.

If you've heard of this game before, you'll probably know the concept. You Explore three massive cities finding out about your assassination target and the killing him. You have to kill 9 targets throughout the game and by the end you'll have pretty much know exactly what to do each time, but there's enough variety that you won't get bored unless your the impatient type. The gameplay consists of three elements, free running, combat, and hiding in the crowd. While all three of these work quite well hiding in the crowd while trying to get some where is rather slow so you might want to resort to free running across the rooftops. The free running portion of the game consists of jumping from rooftop to rooftop with ease, you merely hold down two buttons and press forward. Free running is probably the most fun part of the game, It's amazing to look at and exhilarating  when your being chased by guards close on your tail, once in a while you might fall of a roof into the streets when you take the wrong turn but this just opens up another part of the game, combat. Combat is simple and fun but can get annoying sometimes, but that's ok, because you can run away from a fight any time and continue to run away from your pursuers. The combat in the game consists of fighting many enemies at one time, You will have an attack button a block button and a reversal button, you will mostly be using reversals because they will usually finnish off your foe and will show off some of the most brutal finishing moves you've seen in a long time. and that leaves hiding in the crowd. When hiding from guards your best bet is to stay on the rooftops, but when this isn't an option you can blend in with the crowd. The amount of people in these three massive cities is phenomenal. You will be amazed, and because of the large number of people It's not to hard to blend in. You can press a button that will make you pose as a monk making you practically invisible away from you, you can also drop a dead body that ever so conveniently died in the middle of a crowd to direct attention away from you. so that you can slip by. And what would be the point of being an assassin if you don't have a target. As I mentioned before, you must kill 9 targets in the game. Each one will be assigned to you in a small village in which the Assassin's creed is based. Then you will travel to whichever city in which you must kill this person. But you cannot merely go up to this person and stab him first you must find information about him, and this is where the one major flaw of the game lies. At first finding information about the target isn't so bad, you might have to interrogate someone, or listen in on a conversation. and while fun the first time, after a couple times it just starts getting boring, but luckily you can zoom through these missions quickly enough so that you can get to the killing. When you finally get to kill someone you have multiple ways in which you can do it. Your target will usually be in some fortress or something, and you have to figure out how to get in. You could find a way through the back, or through the roof, and then stab him from behind or above, Or you could take the more violent approach and just storm through the front gate, sword drawn. All of these methods are fun, but it really gets good after you killed your target. After you've killed this guy the whole city will be looking for you, and you have to make it back to a safe house without being followed, and man are you in for the chase of your life, this is running across rooftops at it's best. So all this seems all well and good, but what really makes this game great is the cities. These things are huge, they have amazing graphics and there are three of them not to mention the even bigger wilderness in between the cities. Your jaw will drop. and to back this all up you have a great story too. Full of fun plot twists. I don't want to give away much, but it's mostly about a creed of assassins during the crusade, and you are the best assassin who is stripped of his rank for betrayal and must kill nine targets to get his reputation back. The plot also takes an interesting turn into modern times but that's all I will say. This game does set up for a sequel at the end and does have a mediocre cliff hanger, similar to how halo 2 left you dazed an confused at the end, But this can all be forgiven when the sequel comes out (hopefully).

This game has spectacular gameplay that is somewhat dragged down by repetitiveness and a compelling story, for anyone who has 30 bucks (20 bucks if you can get it used). And if you want a new gameplay experience or are just looking for a good story line in an action game. The I recommend getting this game.
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