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Astro Man is one of the robot masters from Mega Man 8, he was built by Dr. Wily with the ability to confuse and cause hypnosis on his enemies. His weapon of choice is the Astro Crush, and his weakness is the homing sniper. 


Astro Man was built with the ability to cause confusing and hypnosis; but his specialty has never been combat. He was also built as one of the four robot master to protect the barrier of Dr. Wily's castle, Wily Tower. Dr. Wily has Astro Man located somewhere in Europe
Astro Man's methods has mostly been causing confusing on his enemy, Mega Man. He makes himself a hard to find foe, he will have Mega Man go through a confusing maze. Astro Man has two spheres circling around him, he will also uses the astro crush weapon; which will summon down giant green astros. Astro Man's weakness is the homing sniper, a weapon from Search Man, Astro Man will drop down to the ground and will be easily startle by the impact of the homing sniper. 
Astro Man also makes a appearances in Mega Man & Bass, he was revive by King, a character from the game, to contribute to King's evil plain. 

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