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Aversa is an antagonist in Fire Emblem: Awakening. First introduced as a vassal of King Gangrel of Plegia that assists in his plans to harass Ylisse in order to claim the Fire Emblem, she is later revealed to be a high-ranking member of the Grimleal; a cult devoted to the revival of the fell dragon Grima. Her class is Dark Flier; a magic-wielding pegasus knight unit.


In the storyline of the "Champions of Yore" map pack, it is revealed that Old Hubba lost his Einherjar cards due to the seductive wiles of a deceitful woman; Aversa. However, this Aversa is not the same as the one from Chrom's world. Old Hubba states that she came from another world that had fallen into ruin.

Aversa can be recruited as a playable character by completing the requirements of Paralogue 22, which is only available through SpotPass.

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