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Gangrel is king of the nation of Plegia at the start of Fire Emblem: Awakening. Nicknamed the "Mad King," he wages war against Ylisse in order to claim possession of the Fire Emblem. He at one point sends an assassination squad led by Validar to kill Emmeryn, the exalt of Ylisse, but this plan fails due to Lucina's interference. However, his forces eventually manage to capture Emmeryn, and he keeps her prisoner in the Plegian capital, where he intends to publicly execute her.

When Chrom and the Shepherds arrive to rescue Emmeryn, Gangrel once again gains the upper hand by summoning forth Risen that ambush the pegasus knights that were to take the exalt to safety. He then orders Chrom give him the Fire Emblem in exchange for Emmeryn's life, but is thwarted when Emmeryn chooses to sacrifice herself in the name of peace so that Chrom isn't burdened with the decision.

Emmeryn's martyrdom has a powerful effect on Gangrel's army. Unwilling to fight for their mad king any longer, his soldiers desert en masse, leaving only his most loyal troops to assist him. He is ultimately killed by the Shepherds on the field of battle.


Gangrel lives up to his nickname due to his blood-thirsty desire to claim the Fire Emblem at any cost. His hatred of Ylisse stems from the days of the previous Ylissian exalt, who himself was a tyrannical man. Gangrel does not seem to either notice nor care how wicked he is compared to Emmeryn and Chrom's father, and is instead bent on tormenting the now-peaceful Ylissians. Gangrel's greed during the course of his reign had also resulted in his expanding the royal coffers to a considerably wealthy degree; the nation is easily able to pay reparations after the war is over and still have plenty left to donate to the war effort against Walhart two years later.

The Mad Kings

Gangrel's nickname of "Mad King" may be a reference to Ashnard of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. A monarch with a single-minded lust for power and conquest, he is commonly referred to as "Mad King Ashnard" after his death.

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