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Bad Girl is ranked number two in the UAA in No More Heroes.  A blonde in a pink lolita dress, her looks are contrasted by her personality; a sadistic psychopath.  Travis confronts Bad Girl in the basement of the Santa Destroy baseball stadium. She is voiced by Kathryn Fiore.

Fighting Style

Bad Girl's primary weapon is a wooden baseball bat.  Her standard melee attacks are simple to avoid, she has a pair of other attacks that can be more troublesome.  The first attack untilizes a conveyor belt in the room that deploys men in gimp suits.  Bad Girl will take swings at these grunts, sending them flying at Travis.  The gimps must then be disposed of before Travis can continue fighting Bad Girl directly.

The most dangerous attack in Bad Girl's arsenal is an instant kill.  Occasionally, Bad Girl will fall to her knees and begin crying.  If the player attacks Bad Girl when she's in this state, she may counter an unblockable attack and brutally beat Travis to death.

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