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Whoa. That's a Big Ship You Got there, Sir
Whoa. That's a Big Ship You Got there, Sir
The Great Peach Mountain Battleship Balberra is a spaceship from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. It serves as the mobile base of the Peach Mountain Shoguns when they aren't busy putting on a stage performance or attacking Japan. The ship is peach-shaped armed with a load of guns and, more importantly, the Instant Stage Beam that turns targets into goofy set pieces for a theater production. The Balberra doesn't make a lot of appearances but it does act as a boss during the game's finale.


More Guns Down Below
More Guns Down Below
Goemon and friends fight the Balberra with the help of Impact in a giant robot battle. The ship is much, much bigger than Impact and heavily armed with a number of cannons. It starts with 1000 health, but it can only be damaged when it splits open to release fighters. The red core located on the front of it can fire a large laser beam if it is given the chance to charge up. When it's not, it will keep firing with its guns. The six front guns fire spiked balls that do heavy damage, while a number of smaller guns (found on the leaves and a structure hanging on the bottom of the ship) fire brightly colored balls.
If all of its guns have been destroyed, it will release a swarm of fighters that fly around it. After circling Balberra a few times, they will move in to fire and then try to crash into Impact. This process will repeat until the ship is destroyed.

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