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Foreign Relations

  Baldur’s Gate and the surrounding area in the Year of the Ageless One .
  Baldur’s Gate and the surrounding area in the Year of the Ageless One .
The current, Grand Duke Portyr and the Baldurian Parliment have no interest in involving their city in the affairs of others. Baldur's Gate is, for the most part, seen as a neutral state in relation to the other states that occupie the Sword Coast and the Western Heartlands. A reputation manily earned by their dealings with the Spellplague allowing refugees into the city during the fallout of the plauge. Baldur's Gate is a very wealthy city and is so well protected by it's massive walls and defended by the Flaming Fist guards that few would ever consider attacking the city.

Baldur's Gate's has long had disputes with it's southern neighbour, Amn. This has nearly resulted in a war breaking out between the two states during the Iron Crisis of 1368DR. Recently though the closest enemies the city faces are the pirates running out of Luskan and the merchants from Waterdeep, jealous of the city's growing riches and power. 

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