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Better then an abacus

When I was -6 I needed a lot of help with math. I could not figure out what 1+1=? As far as I knew 1+1≠2 but now I know that 1+1=2 thanks to Basic Math.
I can do basic math and so can you with Basic Math on the Atari 2600!

This game is minutes of the best math based learning fun that an Atari 2600 can offer. It simply can not be better then Basic Math it offers so much. You can add, subtract, multiply and divide. I mean what else does one need.

When I get asked “Hey kind fellow, how much is two times four?” I no longer panic. Now what I do is go home, put in Basic Math on the Atari 2600, bring up the proper screen and select the numbers and away I go.

“Hey there fellow, the answer you are looking for is eight! Have a great day!”

Thanks Basic Math. Enjoy this game and have a great day.

Posted by buzz_clik

Have a great day, fellow Basic Math fellow.

Edited by Brackynews

Looking forward to your review of Basic Grammar!

Posted by TimesHero
Posted by sharma55

You didn't even talk about the box art! I mean, look at it, probably one of the greatest pieces of art you'll ever see.

Posted by Video_Game_King
@Brackynews said:

Looking forward to your review of Basic Grammar!

Me too. I thinkeding buy this game, or it checking of.
Posted by armaan8014

Wow this is a great review, don't know how I missed it. Front page recommendation!

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