My games.

Title says it all... for some games I include a small description. these are all for my fudge load of consoles:    lets just say i am a game collector. if you're wondering how i have so many old games, it's because my uncle owns a video game store, so I get stuff for free. as for the channel f, intellivision, and atari 2600 as a kid, so ive always had those. also, theres a pinball/ arcade store. the other stuff i get a best buy, target, pink godzilla (Retro gaming store down here in seattle), fred meyer, ebay and craiglist, or from friends and people i know.

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Posted by mariofreak1

Sorry about my spelling... I am not that good...
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Posted by pikeplacer

NIce job you put alot of work into it.
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Posted by Elyk247

Age of Empire is the best RTS. Everyone knows that ;)

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Posted by Brackynews

I wish I could locate this particular needle to check the platform you put down, but did you mean to add Star Wars Pinball cabinet? :)