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Sunday Funday is a Christian based video game by Wisdom Tree released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the last video game to be released for the US NES by any company. Sunday Funday was not officially licensed by Nintendo due to the religious overtones.

The player controls a skateboarder who is late for Sunday School. He must defeat the obstacles that lie in his path to make his way to Sunday School.

Sunday Funday comes with two other games: an arcade style game called Fish Fall, and a NES karaoke version of the song "The Ride" by a Christian pop band 4Him.

Comparison To Menace Beach

Sunday Funday is nearly identical to game called Menace Beach. Menace Beach was also released by Color Dreams, but when Color Dreams decided to make Christian games instead of action games, they began releasing their older games with a few graphically changes. In the case of Sunday Funday they also made changes to the story.


ObjectMenace BeachSunday Funday
ProtagonistBoy riding a skateboard Boy riding a skateboard while carrying a Bible
Overworld Enemy 1Ninja Person in a white shirt
Overworld Enemy 2 Sumo wrestler Overweight woman
Overworld Enemy 3 Clown on a balloon throwing water balloons Clown on a balloon throwing water balloons
Overworld Enemy 4 Mole in a manhole throwing bananas Mole in a manhole throwing bananas
Overworld Weapon Bottle Newspaper
Underworld Enemy 1 Elvis impersonator Plumber
Underworld Enemy 2 Sumo wrestler Overweight man in a suit and bright green pants
Underworld Enemy 3 Bat Butterfly
Bay Enemy 1 Surfer man Surfer man
Bay Enemy 2 Sumo wrestler Overweight man with a moustache wearing a tank top
Bay Enemy 3 Person in a manhole throwing kisses Elder woman in a manhole throwing kisses
Bay Enemy 4 Seagull Seagull
Bay Weapon Bottle Newspaper
Cave Enemy 1 Bear
Enemy Killed The number "100" Dove
In between levels Bunny, the protagonist's girlfriend, with her clothes gradually rotting away. The protagonist imagines what his Sunday school teacher would say.

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