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Other than being extremely rare, Bible Adventures continues to amaze. It gained an increase in popularity after AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) did his video segment of bad games to play for christmas, which included (among others) Bible Adventures. When released in 1991 to NES it wasn't officially authorized by Nintendo, as they demand their official games to not include any form of religious views (among other things). To bypass this Wisdom Tree used a weird technology where you plugged in a sort of Game Genie-looking thing so that the cartridge would work on the NES.

Baby Blue?!

Since regular retailers didn't want to get on Nintendo's bad side, most of them didn't sell these unauthorized games. Instead, gamers hungry for combining their gaming with the Bible had to visit their local Christian bookstore. In 1995 the game was ported to the Sega Genesis.

Three Different "Adventures"

Amazing titlescreen.

Included in Bible Adventures are three different games based on the Old Testament; Noah's Ark, Baby Moses, and David & Goliath. All three games strike a heavy resemblance to Super Mario Bros. 2 and Menace Beach in terms of graphics and overall look, except (naturally) looking a lot worse. In Noah's Ark you play as Noah, and the goal is to run around a forest near your ark and literally pick up different animals and bring them to the ark. In Baby Moses you play as Miriam, which is more of a side-scroller than Noah's Ark. Your goal is to make it to the end of the level, and to find baby Moses on the way and bring him with you. Funny enough you can actually "complete" the level without having baby Moses with you, which rewards you with the hilarious screen "Good work, but you forgot baby Moses". David & Goliath is yet another side-scroller, very much alike the other two games.

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