Games I Own That Go Against My Conscience

Bad games are bad games, no matter how you slice them, but sometimes it's precisely because of their mediocrity that they're still worth buying anyway. That's what this list is for, compiling games I know I probably shouldn't own, but have acquired anyway precisely because of their dubiously infamous reputation. It's a road that takes me even further down the path of insanity than I was already on.

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Posted by Bigandtasty

No shame in your first one. I would love to have a cheap copy of "Street Fighter: Real Battle on Film."

I's real! It's a battle! It's on film!
Buying Onechanbara Wii was probably a bad move, though.
Posted by Daveyo520

A friend of mine picked all the BK games on the cheap just cause of how stupid they are.

Posted by WASDF

How can something go against your conscience? 

Posted by Pepsiman
@Take_Opal: I don't know how either, but obviously they do somehow since this list exists. It'd hard to explain. You have to experience it to believe it.
Posted by DoctorP3pa

Bikini zombie slayers? Lol. It takes a lot of will power to state that you own the game. If I were to ever add it to my video game collection, I would make sure that it got stored AAAALLLL the way in the back shelf XD.