Bastion is now available on Mac.

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The hit game from last year Bastion is now available on the Mac App Store, I am a starved Mac gamer and this is fantastic news! I've never been able to play it before so I am very happy to play it now, I hope its as good as many people say.

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Mac version is also coming to Steam as a SteamPlay title next week, so those who already bought the game on Steam don't have to buy it again.

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What are the system requirements? My macbook pro is the model from 6 years ago so stuff doesn't seem to run too well. For example, the spinning blades in super meat boy don't load. There is just a black hole where graphics should be.

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I came here just to reiterate the fact that people should buy this game. I normally take a Rorie-ish stance on Macs (I don't like them), but I feel like they need something like this to brighten up their days.

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