A Patch For Respawning Enemies? Your thoughts

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If Rocksteady released a patch that would allow respawning of different types of enemies on every location that isn't story-related throughout the entire course of the game for your brawling and stealth-predatory pleasures, would you like it?

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They already did, it's called a New game. HUR HUR.
That seems like a cool idea, like a "Free mode" that you unlock after beating the game?

#3 Posted by AgentofChaos (1565 posts) -

Depends if the enemies spawned have guns or not.

#4 Posted by Delta_Ass (3282 posts) -

No, people shouldn't respawn. They need to be born through reproductive means and grow up.

#5 Posted by NinjaHunter (973 posts) -

I think the challenge rooms pretty much make up for this.

#6 Posted by HistoryInRust (6407 posts) -
@NinjaHunter: The challenge rooms are perfect for your need to dish out pain, I concur.  
Don't get me wrong, I think the game's environments are really cool, but when it comes down to it, the Challenge rooms are perfect plug-and-play quick stimulators. I mean, they take the levels straight from the main game, so there's really no issue. 
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I think it may get annoying in the story, once you clear an area to have it completely repopulated, especially if you're just trying to get from one place to another. Although for people who have a hard time with combat, this would be a good way to help them get the upgrades I suppose.

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