shinjiex's Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) review

The Greatest Game Ever

Batman Arkham City is the greatest game this generation!
As I stated at one point or another Arkham Asylum is the best game I've played since the Metal Gear Solid series
which is the highest complement any game could ever hope to get
Arkham City further fleshed out the great aspects of Arkham Asylum 
becoming more Zelda like as appose to Metroid like that was Arkham Asylum   
Now placing you in a closed off section of Gotham City as a new measure to imprison the criminally insane 
every villain you can think of is here from the DC Universe to the point of being pure fan-service as it gets 
Though the city is not as big as other super hero game cities like PS3's InFamous series 
but the trade off is indoor levels i.e. dungeons
The game leaves you to your own devices that won't hold your hand  which is very refreshing
where is most other games as of late feel mostly like "on rail games" 
You have several things to tackle from the Riddler Missions 
which was in the previous game where you spent most of your time on 
Such is the case this time around in the 2nd installment with the exception you will have other villains such as 
Mr. Freeze The Penguin Two Face & others which actually make up "sub quests" of the game that were teased in the 1st game
Then you have the main quest that being of course the Joker & Harely Quinn 
However this time around Batman won't be alone as he will have some help from the sexy minx Catwoman!
The Good +
One of the best virtual detailed worlds ever made
Great fluent addictive combat system that can get deep via combos
Gadgets that will come into play into the environments such as your trusty grapple hook 
that will get you up high building structures
NPC talking banter off in the distance that helps tell the story further 
Ridder Missions are still solid an up the bargain 
Every Villain you can think of is here and some you may not even known existed  
The Bad -
Over world map could be bigger
Can be overwhelming on what to do for new players

Some may miss out on the essential Catwoman campaign do to it being a DLC 
that is free with new copies via redeem code but should have been the disk in the fist place

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