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Battlefield revival.

I had only played the demo for Battlefield 1942 long ago, and remember it being a ton of fun, after deleting that off my computer I hadn't played anymore battlefield games besides a quick look at 2142, in which I didn't like sadly.
So here I was wanting to play a WW2 shooter and Battlefield 1943 was being released, so I downloaded it, expecting it to be pretty good, I knew it couldn't be a bad game.
Well my first match I did pretty horrible, I started off as a rifleman on the map Wake Island, I began figuring out the controls and were fairly simple, like any other shooter, and sprinted around the large diverse area which was filled with destructable enviroment.

While sprinting and trying out one of the jeeps I noticed how authentic this games comes to a real war, and I know I have never been to a war or want to come close to one, but from what I know the sounds in this game are grade A, with my 5.1 surround sound the bombs going off around you feel like I'm about to get blown up and when your to close to one there is a earie almost deafing buzz which tells me "You almost for your ass blown off"
All the vehicles feel great, the tank controls like it should, slow and powerful, the jeep is very nimble with a light machine gun on the back but very weak, and the planes are probably the most devestaing and advanced machine, as it takes a ton of skill but can lead to your teams demise, for example: With the destructable enviroments you could have a few guys defending a base, a sniper and infantry and a rifleman, and there all stuck in a house type structure, instead of wasting a tank or a few men, a plane could easily fly over and drop a few bombs, clearing the place of any type of enemy and structure, very cool to watch and do.

The recoil in the guns are also pretty accurate, and when you take someone down with a weapon it feels good, unlike when I had played COD4 it didn't feel satifying as in 1943, in COD they kind of just fall flat, but if I blow up a guy in Battlefield they can fly off a hill and roll down like a real corpse would do, even though it can be a little over exagerated.
The basic game mode in the game is pretty simple, capture the bases that are located around the map and kill the other teams players, it sounds simple but it is a lot more engaging and exciting then you would expect, and the only problem I have with the game is every now and then you can get from moderate to bad cases of lag, and that is the only reason for me not giving this a 5 star rating.

So overall, very fun game that you can easily download in 30 minutes depending on your connection and feels like a retail game you would buy, even though there are 3(soon to be 4) maps, they feel very diverse and large enough to keep you playing, sometimes it may feel like the maps are to big for the 24 player limit, but you will still find plenty of bombs exploding around you and bullets flying by your face.
Now go pick this wonderful game up from the PSN store or Xbox live for 14.99.

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