Rico vs Irish

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I just beat BF4 and was wondering why Recker doesn't have an option to say "Irish shut up". As far as FPS side kicks go, the Daikatana buddies were pretty bad, but Irish and Rico are fairly recent. At least Irish doesn't go down and needs to be revived vs Rico, but man he was pretty terrible.

Anyone else remember bad FPS side kicks or in general?

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Irish gets a free pass for toning down his annoying shit significantly after that boat level and for also being Omar and Chalky White.

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because the game crashes when you tell Irish to shut up.

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nah irish is alright.

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I thought this was:


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I didn't have a problem with Irish. The character arc was all but smooth, but I thought he was likable enough.

Speaking of "shutting up". I actually disliked Tali from Mass Effect to the point that I started skipping through the dialogue. Maybe it was most prominent in Mass Effect 1 but it felt like every dialogue option lead to a long-winded, monotone lecture that I couldn't care less about. Yes, I'm probably a monster for thinking that.

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@christoffer: I liked Tali alot, imagining I could one day take her to her parent's house and bang her behind the space-mailbox to gain her parents' respect. Dat mailbox..

I'd have a beer with Irish any day, and bash Rico's head in with a used mailbox.

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