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Takes place during Season 2 of the television series, where most of the space battles of the series happened.. While it will line-up with storyline elements seen in the show, there will be parts that fill-in-the-gaps for game-play purposes.


  • Third-person space flight and on-foot action.
  • Main weapons will auto-fire on lock (target), but missles will be player controlled. Either can be customized for play


  • Play as Cylon or Human
  • 15 ships are available on each side, among them the Cylon Raider and the Human Viper
  • Up to 1500 simultaneous players per server
  • PvP and PvE environments
  • Both on and off-ship environments
  • Will have out of cockpit experiences and quests to perform
  • Likenesses from the television series:


  • William "Admiral" Adama portrayed by Edward James Olmos
  • Kara "Starbuck" Thrace portrayed by Katee Sackhoff
  • Lee "Apollo" Adama portrayed by Jamie Bamber
  • Galen "Chief" Tyrol portrayed by Aaron Douglas


  • Number Six portrayed by Tricia Helfer
  • Number Eight portrayed by Grace Park
  • Number One (John Cavil) portrayed by Dean Stockwell
  • Number Two (Leoben Conoy) portrayed by Callum Keith Rennie

E3 2010 Trailer

Depicts a scene where a Cylon Raider discovers a Colonial mining ship, and alerts a Cylon Base Star. The Base Star jumps in and launches Raiders and Heavy Raiders. A large number of Colonial Vipers counterattack the Cylons' strike craft, and the Galactica begins trading blows with the Base Star. The Vipers are seen fighting alongside some sort of new, heavier, Colonial craft. The Vipers' protection of the mining vessel could indicate the presence of escort missions in this game.


The game uses the Unity Engine and is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and other browsers with the Unity plug-in. It is free to play and already released and live. Register is possible via

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