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Planes, boats and submarines. 0

2007’s Battlestations: Midway was a rare breed of game, combing both heavy strategy and action on a grand scale as it tackled WWII naval and air combat in one package. It was definitely a complicated game, featuring an opening tutorial that took around an hour to complete; a daunting task for any first-timers to the genre. Its sequel, Battlestations: Pacific has heard the criticisms and gone back to the drawing board to create a much more streamlined and accessible game, stripping away some of t...

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Somewhere beyond the sea 0

Battlestations Midway was a marmite game, you either loved it or you hated it which is why I was surprised that there was going to be a sequel. Battlestations Pacific is supposed to be a true sequel and not one of those 1.5 sequels we come to expect from other games and the great part about this game is just that. It keeps the familiar air and sea combat but has made it more accessible and just a better package overall.The campaign has been drastically improved giving players two campaigns to fi...

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Fun in the Pacific 0

I had lot's of great moments with the previously installment Battlestations Midway and I was not dissapointed trying "Pacific" out yesterday, In many ways it's the same but more polished and with more of everything.I love the fact that it's two separate campaigns, one for the americans and one for the japaneese and as with the first game in the series I like the variation the game offers, and this time around it gives you even more of that.The game really stands out in the multiplayer and I have...

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A rich experience that you need to work at 0

I must admit that out of the case this game does not look to do much more than it's predecessor (unless you count the fact that it gives you an achievment for playing the original)  But having completed the japanese campaign to gold level and started on the american forces I can see that am lot of the control refinement has gone into this worthy sequel.The good:- nothing else like this in the market. it really gives an awesome feeling to be piloting a warplane then the next minute off to a battl...

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Battlestations: Pacific Review 0

If you’re a history buff, particularly World War II, then this is a title that you’ve been waiting for.  If you also love watching 360 then this might be your biggest release of the year.  After putting in over 30 hours into the game I wasn’t disappointed.  Doing a torpedo run on an enemy carrier was one of the more exhilarating things I’ve ever done in a Videogame.  Dive Bombing the Japanese battleship Yamoto was something I always wanted to try, and this game allows me to do it. This game is...

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