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The Belfry Gargoyles are the second mandatory boss(es) the player encounter on their journey. They can be found at the roof of the Undead Church high above Firelink Shrine. When the player first encounters the Gargoyles, he or she is only faced with one of them. When the Gargoyle's health has depleted to 50%, the second one will spawn. Luckily only with 50% health.

The rule of thumb for any boss that has a large tail in Dark Souls, is to try to cut it off. This will not only deal a massive amount of damage, it will grant the player a unique item he or she can only obtain through doing said method to that specific enemy type. Note that only the first Gargoyle has a tail. Rare random drops from the Gargoyle enemy type include his Shield and his Halberd.

Attacks: These apply to both gargoyles.

  • Halberd swipe
  • Fire Breath
  • Tail Swipe*
  • Jump attack.

*Tail swipe does not apply to second Gargoyle and if the player successfully cuts off the tail.

If the player is having trouble with the two gargoyles, it is recommended that they become human and summon Solaire of Astora. Who has a golden summon sign is found right next to the white light before the Gargoyles. He can easily serve as a distraction for the gargoyles and an deal a great amount of damage with his Sunlight Spear.

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