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The start of a match in Super Tournament Battle.
The Beyblades are now battling!

The goal of the game is to have the last standing Beyblade. You can accomplish this by either making all opposing Beyblades stop spinning, having the longest spinning Beyblade, or knocking all opposing Beyblades out of the ring. In order to start the match officially in a Beybattle, a 3-second countdown must be made before saying Let it Rip. Once you said the phrase... LET IT RIP!! There are various ways you can launch a blade and to launch one, you put your Beyblade in the launcher, say the phrase and let it rip. Easy! There is also a television series of the same name with various characters like Tyson, Kai, Kenny, and the referee of the series, DJ Jazzman!

Breakdown of the Blades

Beyblades are composed of five parts (listed in order from top to bottom):

  • Bitbeast Chip: A plate put into the Attack Ring for decorative purposes. This chip in the anime carries the power of various creatures whose souls are now in the Beyblade.
  • Attack Ring: The Attack Ring is the part that comes into contact when facing other Beyblades.
  • Weight Disk: The Weight Disk affects both the power and speed of a Beyblade, seeing as much of the Beyblades weight comes from this disk. The Weight Disk is the only part of the Beyblade that is not made of plastic, with the exception of some tips.
  • Spin Gear: The Spin Gear allows the Beyblade to spin either clockwise or counterclockwise. The Spin Gear also helps hold the other parts of the Beyblade in place.
  • Tip: The very bottom of the Beyblade, determining how the Beyblade spins and its general movement.

There have been various other types of Beyblades some that include several different gears or various metals but the most common type of blade is the one listed above.

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