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DJ Jazzman, the referee of the Beyblade series.
The Punch-Out! referee from the Wii edition of Punch-Out!

A referee is an official who tells the rules to any sporting event ranging from soccer to boxing. Sometimes it is used to tell you when the race begins in various racing games like NASCAR and Mario Kart. Referees wear a striped shirt and can carry many things sometimes like a coin, a red card, a whistle, hats, a basketball, racing flags, a hockey puck, and Lakitu's Start Signal. Referees are friendly to everyone, even in various racing games! There is only 1 referee that appears in the Mario Kart series and that is Lakitu. He can pull out any racer and announces the laps at anytime during the race and when the race is about to begin, his start signal will tell you! Not only that Lakitu announce laps in the Mario Kart series, he can also announce strikes, outs and more in the Mario Baseball series as the umpire. Another referee in the gaming world is Beyblade's very own DJ Jazzman. He can start matches by saying the 3-second countdown phrase and then he shouts Let It Rip to start the match.

Notable Referees

The referee of the entire Mario Kart series, Lakitu!

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