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The game's title screen.

Mario Sports Mix is a sports/party game developed by Square Enix for the Wii. The game stars the colourful cast of the Mario franchise who enter a sports competition that involve's hockey, volleyball, basketball and dodgeball to win trophies that contain a magical crystal. There are also mini games that shake up each sport's formula that include Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy characters.



A game of basketball at Mario Stadium.

Basketball is disputed 2v2 or 3v3. You switch from character to character with the C button and flick the remote to shoot. Flick it harder and your character will jump into the air and slam the remote down for a slam dunk. Like in Mario Slam Basketball, you can dribble onto to coin boxes and get power ups such as banana peels to trip up your opponent. Characters also have special, unblockable moves. This game can also be played with a classic control. Note that you cannot switch your type of controller in the middle of a match.


A volleyball as seen in the game.

Volleyball is split into two phases: offensive and defensive. Defense is almost done automatically, at the push of a button the selected team mate will dive to catch a smatch. The offense portions focus on building up a play and lining up the smatch. With your cursor, you select which character you wish to use to line up the smatch. This game mode is playable to up to 4 players and involves power ups such as the red shell. The game also depends on the field your playing on. On the Donkey Kong themed one, the field is like a conveyor belt, constantly pushing the players back.


A hockey stick and a coin as a puck.

Hockey is played at a fixed camera angle. You navigate your player with the nunchuck's analog stick and take control of the player with the puck which is a coin. Like in Mario Tennis, you must charge up your puckshot.


The Mario Sports Mix Dodgeball.

Dodgeball is played with a health bar that goes down every time a character is hit. You can use power ups and fake your throws.

Party Games

There are four party games in Mario Sports Mix. Each sport has a game for everyone to play. Depending on the sport, the game varies.

  • Harmony Hustle: In this volleyball party game, players can create a harmony by receiving music balls. For every ten combos, another part of the song will come in but be careful, if a player misses a ball, the harmony will disappear and they have to create it all over again. There are twelve songs to choose from.
  • Bob-omb Dodge: This dodgeball party game allows players to dodge as many bob-ombs as possible within the two minute time limit. Bigger Bob-ombs means more damage.
  • Feed Petey: Petey Piranha is hungry and players must feed as much fruit to him in the basketball party game. Bigger fruit means more points for the player. They have two and a half minutes to do so.
  • Smash Skate: In this ninety-second hockey party game, players use their hockey sticks to send them out of the ring. Players start with 100 points and they can earn more or less by pushing off as many opponents as possible during those ninety seconds.

Mario Characters

All Rounders

Technical Characters

Speedy Characters

Powerful Characters

Unlockable Characters

In addition to the starting characters from the Mario franchise you can also unlock six characters from the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchises.

All Rounders

Technical Characters

Tricky Characters

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