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Yoshi's go-kart in Mario Kart Wii, the Standard Kart M!
The eight karts at the starting line in Mario Kart 7.

A go-kart is a vehicle that is driven on a track in the world of video games. Each go-kart has an engine that is used to rev up before the race. It is also used to customize your own parts to create your very own go-kart. The Mario Kart franchise has a lot of go-karts designed for Mario and the crew during the race and has various effects when you choose a character and your own go-kart in Mario Kart Wii. Mario Kart 7 introduced a new way to use the karts, customizing. In that game, players can choose which type of wheel, which glider, and which kart hood that the gang use and it even has a steering wheel with the logo of the character.

Go Karts are engine/motor powered, in which the size of the motor depends on how fast they go and what class they are in. Typically Mario Kart is 50cc (cubic centremeter) 100cc and 150cc.

A Go Kart is actually named Go Kart because they used to be pulled along by a Goat (without an engine of course). SoapBox Racers and Billy Karts are the nowadays version of a motorless Go Kart. To see more on Gravity powered carts, click here.

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