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Mario Kart has its own Grand Prix and is still the same since its 1992 debut.

Grand Prix racing was one of the first forms of organized racing, stated in the last 19th century in France. It involved cars doing laps around a closed looped circuit for a fixed distance (or time). The sport spawned many of the modern big names of motor-racing like Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa-Romeo and many more. After World War 2, the sport was converted to Formula 1 which retained the same name and format. To this day, all races in F1 are called Grand Prix. Meanwhile, motorcycle road racing also adopted the same format for their racing and this lead to the creation of MotoGP. When Nintendo launched the Mario Kart series in 1992, it became the Mario Kart Grand Prix and is still the same for nearly 20 years.

Grand Prix are international events and generally considered the most prestigious form of motorsport. Some of the more famous Grand Prix are

Grand Prix Racing in Games

F1 Grand Prix racing is one of the best GP games in all.

There have been many games featuring F1 and MotoGP grand prix racing. Forza and Gran Turismo popularized this format of racing with ingame races which last for more than an hour and test the gamer's endurance and concentration. The Mario Kart franchise also used the Grand Prix and it is divided into cups. Each cup has four or five races that the Mario crew competes in and after each race, a certain amount of points is awarded depending on the finishing position. The eight cups in the Mario Kart GP are Mushroom, Star, Flower, Leaf, Banana, Special, Shell, and Lightning.

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