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Bikini Karate Babes uses FMV to bring their booty-licious fighters to life in this soft-core 2D fighting game. The fighters consist of nineteen buxom young women in bikinis that use a variety of attacks, including shooting lasers out of their breasts, "shooting" projectiles out of their asses, ripping off their opponent's clothes, and spanking one another. Eight fighters are available from the start, while the other eleven must be unlocked. Some of the characters are named after goddesses of various mythologies. The fights take place on beaches, bridges, coliseums, and other typical places that Bikini Karate Babes like to duke it out.

The game spawned a sequel titled Warriors of Elysia.


The gameplay is similar to most other 2D fighting games. You've got a clock, two fighters, two health bars, and you have to win two rounds to take a match. There are four different commands (not including movement) that consist of punch, kick, special, and block. A fighter's special does absolutely nothing, but prompt an animation. These animations include tickling, spanking, grabbing the opponent's head and putting it in their breasts, dancing, and more.


The game consists of ten modes.


A basic Arcade mode similar to ones found in most fighting games. The player must make their way through a selection of fighters, one at a time.

Battle Babes:

The basic 2-player versus mode that is common in most fighting games.

Team Fight:

Pick your team of Karate Babes and FIGHT! Defeat the CPU's team by fighting one character at a time. But be careful! If all of your Karate Babes get knocked out first, you lose.


Defeat as many Karate Babes as possible before you get knocked out.


A mode where you pick a fighter to go up against (a random fighter is chosen for you) and then proceed to fight. If you successfully knock out your opponent you get to unlock special features of the chosen fighter such as Music, Move Codes, Sounds, Interviews, Pictures, and the fighter doing Jumping Jacks.


A typical practice mode similar to what is found in most fighting games. No health bars, no time limit, and no rounds. All the time in the world to practice.


A spectator mode where you can watch two fighters of your choice combat each other.


Similar to Spectacle, but the player places bets on who they believe will win.

Top Collector:

Playing as Venus, the player must defeat five different fighters by removing their bikinis with Venus' special throw.


Other than the player's life not running out, this mode is identical to Arcade.

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