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Billy Kane is a character in the King Of Fighters franchise. He originally appeared in Fatal Fury as an unplayable sub-boss. He is a flamboyant character and has been a fan-favorite since his inception as a henchman of Geese Howard. Billy has been a series mainstay throughout the King Of Fighters universe. He fights with a sectional staff that can split into three parts, connected by a chain.


Billy Kane first encountered Geese Howard when he and his sister Lilly Kane were orphans in London, England. Geese saw Billy's fighting skill and took him on as a protegee. Billy rose through the ranks of the Geese's crime syndicate until he was Geese's right-hand man. He would be entered every year in the King Of Fighters tournament and emerge as its champion. When Billy was finally defeated by Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi, he swore he would have revenge. He later appears to serve Wolfgang Krauser while secretly plotting to overthrow him, and reunite with Geese Howard. Throughout the King Of Fighters series he teams up with various fighters, such as Iori Yagami, Eiji Kisaragi, Blue Mary, Ryuji Yamazaki, and Gato.

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