Games Similar To Bioshock Infinite?

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Now I'm not talking about look or game mechanics but more like narrative and themes, are there any other games that deal with Infinite World Theory or Eternalism? In fact I would take recommendations of any type of media really, I know Stephen King's The Dark Tower plays with some of this concept but is there any more?

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Final Fantasy XIII.....sorta..

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The Zero Escape series. 999 and Virtue's Last Reward. Almost identical in concept.

Also if you want something non-game related, watch the anime: Steins;Gate. Also, the same narrative.

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@lelcar said:

The Zero Escape series. 999 and Virtue's Last Reward. Almost identical in concept.

Also if you want something non-game related, watch the anime: Steins;Gate. Also, the same narrative.

Yeah, 999 is amazing. Play it.

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Remember 11?

I mean, if you want a fairly intelligent representation of the many-worlds interpretation, then I can't think of any better example. I really have yet to fully interpret the events of that story even now.

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Not really anything else?

I don't know many things in any medium that approach Bioshock Infinites themes or delivery.

It's the biggest indication to me thus far that games far surpass other mediums in their ability to present immersive storytelling.

I guess books are pretty great? There's probably some good books out there that deal with similar stuff.

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hmm maybe something with more to it than a visual novel?

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@jonny_anonymous: I don't think a lot of games tackle an Infinite World setup very similarly to how Bioshock Infinite does it, especially in the way that it doesn't even wait until the end of the game before you jump into different realities. It's also kind of hard to write, at least compared to just writing another game about space marines killing bad aliens. More often than not, if it is used, it's used in a cartoony multiverse kind of way, like in Super Paper Mario, where a villain is trying to destroy the multiverse, and for reasons I forget, you visit random dimensions, like a samurai dimension, and a caveman dimension, and a dimension where everything is an 8-bit pixelated video game (so much 4th-wall breaking).

Or if you're fine with me spoiling Eternal Darkness, the game has three primary ancients (effectively earth, wind, and fire), that have a rock-paper-scissors effect on each other, so they're in balance. You make a choice near the beginning of a playthrough that accidentally leads to one of them awakening and becoming very powerful and the villain of that playthrough. There is a neutral ancient, Mantorok, who is wounded and depowered by whoever the villain is. If you beat the game 3 times, choosing different ancients each time, the secret ending is that Mantorok (who you help at one point in the game) uses his powers to fuse all three alternate realities together such that all 3 of the primary ancients are simultaneously defeated, and now HE is the sole remaining ancient and is free to enslave all of mankind. While it is superficially similar to Infinite in the way it fuses together a bunch of timelines into one master timeline, the game doesn't foreshadow at all that any of the ancients have that power, nor is it any kind of theme of the game. I'm afraid that games are more likely to use alternate dimensions as an out-of-nowhere twist than as a constant part of the game's plot and entire structure.

Also, what little I know about Chrono Cross is that instead of hopping around time periods, there is some hopping around alternate dimensions. That's about all I know, but I'm pretty sure the player finds that out well before the final act of the game, and it is a pretty core part of the narrative like it is to Bioshock Infinite. So that's actually the closest thing I can think of, though I'm pretty ignorant on anything about that game beyond the basic premise.

But hey, here's the Alternate Universe page on TV Tropes. Feel free to look at the video game section, and some other trope pages related to Alternate Universes, and fall down a deep, deep rabbit hole.

Also, Portal 2's user-generated content is technically exactly, to a T, what you are looking for:

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The only thing that pops into my head is Final Fantasy XIII-2. I'd mention another game but even by mentioning it would spoil all the crazy shit that happens at the end of it and specifically at the end of it. Simply by the nature of what th game is the other 90% of the time.

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It's a bit old now, but Ultima VII - The Black Gate comes to mind. Still my favourite RPG, and you are the Avatar, jumping through a warp gate to Britannia, trying to stop The Guardian from corrupting the world from another dimension... As well as the dimension hopping, there is a really deep narrative that is similar to Bioshock, for instance, Ultima VII has a narrative on Christianity and religion that echoes the narrative Bioshock Infinite has on Americana. It's on GOG so it works well if you want to game on a modest PC laptop if not your main machine

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@bisonhero: Yea I'm cool with it being alt time instead of alt dimensions so Chrono Cross is a good should. I check TV Tropes and see what I can find, hopefully there is some good books as well.

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I haven't played Bioshock Infinite, but I remember fairly fondly how Dishonoured has a atmosphere and setting that made me reminisce and go back and play bioshock again.

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Chrono Cross deals a lot with alternate realities, but in the case of that game it is only two universes that you are constantly switching between, not an infinite number like in Bioshock. A lot of people didn't like the huge number of characters in the game versus the small cast of the original, but if you can look past that the game has an excellent story, fantastic music, and a great battle system.

In another medium, the TV show Fringe comes to mind as one that deals with alternate realities in a really cool way. Again, in that show they really only deal with two universes (with time travel and altered timelines coming into play as the show progresses). The show isn't only about alternate universes, but it's an excellent sci-fi show that deals with many interesting concepts, alternate universes probably being the most core to the overall plot over the course of the five seasons. Another plus is that the first four seasons are on Netflix instant.

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Twin peaks

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MGS2. No, seriously.

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