Second playthrough?

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Since Bioshock uses a stupid autosave, and doesn't have multiple saveslot/profiles, has anyone started a second playthrough?

I'd like to play again, but I'm concerned about the eventual DLC. I'm assuming it's going to be self-contained like Minerva's Den or will it use our main-game Booker?

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I'm on my third playthrough.

Disable cloud saves and you can just copy and paste all the save files into a backup folder and swap them in and out when you want to switch or start a new game.

Steam\userdata\[Bunch of numbers]\8870\remote\savedata\

Edit: For PC of course, no idea for console gamers. Forgot this was an all platform board :P

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Given how insanely restricting the save system is, I can't imagine they'd make the mistake of creating DLC for this game that could only be accessed from specific points in the progression.

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I beat it on PC (Easy) will playthough it on Xbox (Hard). Dont like the save system. I recently playedthough Bioshock 1 and hard save were a big help.

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I might be wrong, but the Chapter Select menu seems to house all of your previous autosaves. It doesn't seem like the game overwrites any of your saves, it just loads up the last one when you hit Continue.

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Yea, one of the game's big annoyances - disguised as a convenience - is that it saves every instance of a checkpoint. I have over 50 saves through one and a half playthroughs on my PS3; owning this game has made scrolling through my save data really annoying.

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i hope ALL THE DLC is multiplayer.

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