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I have been meaning to replay Bioshock Infinite this week, so I decided to look up some retrospective articles about the game to read prior to playing it. I thought I'd share what I've found -- it may make you appreciate the game more or even prompt you to replay it.

  • This post-release article by CVG features Ken Levine -- I thought it was very informative. He offers new insights with respect to Comstock, his motives and the inspiration behind his character; in addition to Quantum Mechanics and the Many-worlds interpretation. He also gives his own views with regard to some of the storytelling decisions he made in the game.
  • This is another article that features Levine by International Business Times, it reflects on a few of the development decisions that he's made in the game.
  • I found a couple of articles about the historical influences of Infinite. They show the game to be more or less accurate in its depiction of the era: A Bioshock Infinite Primer Part 1 and Part 2. The second one is post-release, so it is much more relevant to the topics the game tackles.
  • If you're interested in the science behind the game, this video explains all the scientific theories the game draws influences from.
  • Lastly, this is a half-hour video interview that I thoroughly enjoyed, which features Levine answering several personal questions, as well as some questions about twists, storytelling and abstractness in video games.

Well, I hope someone finds something of interest here.

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Thanks, reading and watching right now!

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