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A run for your money 5

 Commander Video in full Stride Bit.Trip Runner is the 4th game in the series of Bit.Trip games from the creators Gaijin Games . It mixes the Music/Rhythm genre with the platformer of the atari 2600 age. You play as Commander Video, the heavily pixelated man that runs through various stages avoiding obstacles and collecting gold bars that add to you score. The goal is to run from one end of the stage to the end without running into anything and trying to get as man...

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No one can stop Mr. Video! 0

I'll be honest with ya: I don't understand much of what's going on in Bit.Trip Runner. I have no idea why CommanderVideo (the series protagonist) is running or where he's going; I don't know why he has to collect gold bars (maybe he needs the money?); and I definitely have no idea how this all ties into the series' overarching narrative. None of this is explained at all in-game, either, but that's not important. What I do know is that Bit.Trip Runner, despite its constant enigmatic nature, ...

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i can't stop RUNNING 0

After seeing the quick look, i'd made the decission, to buy this game with my 1000 Nintendo Points. It was worth all the 800 points. Why? Because the game is just fun, i played just cause 2 recently, and sure that's alot of fun. But the simplicity of the gameplay, combined with the amazing music and nice learning curve makes this game, one to cherish. In this game you will play Commander Video, who kinda looks like a guy in a Burka. as you move trough amazing levels, the levels do thend to becom...

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Review: BIT.TRIP RUNNER (Mac) 0

Prerequisite: check out this video of an individual demonstrating their mastery of the game/toy Bop It. It's best if you watch the whole thing, but I understand if you become impatient and bail early. BIT.TRIP RUNNER is a video game version of Bop It. No, it's not an official tie-in, but the mechanics are transferred nearly verbatim. In RUNNER you control a character who must dodge obstacles as the environment force-scrolls past. Directional buttons trigger block, kick, slide, and vault actions ...

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Commander Video = Forrest Gump 0

Bit Trip's fourth installment in their rhythm game series is being looked at here. Platform for this retro-like game is Wiiware.  This is a boss fight  Game-play is simple 2D platform type. Where the main character Commander Video is trying to reach goal line by running from left to right. The actual running is not controlled at all. Only a simple moves to dodge obstacles are given. Such as jumping, dodging, kicking and blocking. Gold blocks as well as special plus signs can be collected....

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Bit. Trip RUNNER Review 0

By - Richard J.  Take Mega-Man, remove his armour and give him Crystal Meth. The way he would see himself and the world around him; how he would be vulnerable after any attack, and the speed for which the world would seem to pass him by is exactly how I would describe Bit. Trip RUNNER. This game is one hell of a ride, but any slight pause in that ride will force you start it all over again. Trial-and-error is the name of the game in this one, and that could be considered both a good and a bad th...

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