Funniest Quick Looks

List of games with the Funniest Quick Looks on

Individual entertainment rating by number of appearances (Might be inaccurate, hell I don't know, too many numbers):

RankStaff Name# of Appearances
1 Ryan 68 Thank you, Ryan, for all the cheerful giggles you brought to these quick looks
2 Vinny 65
3 Jeff 49
4 Brad 13
5 Dave 9
6 Drew 7
6 Patrick 7
8 Alex 2
8 Andy 2
10 Dan 2
10 Will 1
10 Alexis


10 Matt


Honorable mention: Jeff and Brad Play YooStar2 (not technically a Quick Look, but highly entertaining)

Last Updated: 11/15/14 Added Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (don't ask about Hatsune Miku, I didn't think it was all that funny except Vinny's laugh)

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Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I was looking at this list and felt like something was off and I figured it out. There is a distinct lack of Rogue Warrior on this list.

Posted by Soap

Story Hour: Adventures should be so much higher, that quick look made me cry with laughter lol

Posted by Julmust

Awesome list, but yeah, Rouge Warrior should be added.

Posted by RipTheVeins

whoa, nice work on updating the list with who appears in them!

Posted by Dustpan

The Crash Time quick look is my favorite one to date.

Posted by TepidShark

Gotta go with the game show ones (Price is Right &  Family Feud). I do like it when they play good games but it is really funny when they play bad ones.

Posted by jvdgoot

You need to add the Dead Or Alive: Paradise quick-look!

Edited by Ramone

'Again' has to be higher up

Posted by PatheticMan

The 'Things on Wheels' quick look was pretty funny, but you have GOT to add the 'Jurassic: The Hunted' quick look - that one really is a beauty.

Posted by benderunit22

I agree with Jurassic: The Hunted, Things on Wheels wasn't that funny though.

Posted by jvdgoot

I really laughed a lot at the Railworks Quick Look.

Posted by dutch42

This seems pretty accurate to me
Posted by OptimalPower

Just finished re-watching the Afterburner Climax Quicklook, and it should easily have a spot on this list.
In my opinion at least... "I got shot while I was climaxing"

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

Wipeout: The Game is a fine addition to this list.

Posted by armaan8014

Thanks for making this!

Posted by habster3

Wow; the Rogue Warrior one was truly over-the-top!

Edited by Zripwud

I demand you put the Leisure Suit Larry QL higher! It's an insult to that franchise, and that thing is hilarious. 
Thanks. ^ ^

Posted by Tasus
Posted by fuzzy510

The Rogue Warrior reference is actually "glasnost," not "glass nose."
Nice job with the list.

Posted by Lukeweizer

Great list!

Posted by cannedstingray

great list although, I think the devil summoner QL deserves a place here
Posted by blueman90

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Should be on the list.
Posted by Asian2Go
Posted by benderunit22

Just wanted to let you guys know that I do read the comments and consider each request/suggestion (although I had probably thought about whatever QL you suggested before.)
For a QL to make the list, I really need it to have a good, entertaining flow so while some videos might have had a couple good jokes or funny lines in them, they just don't work for me if there are too long stretches of nothing in between. Good examples are the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer QL (where the funniest part was at the end) or the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2 one (too boring in spots for my taste.)
You also shouldn't take the ranking too seriously, it's always hard to try and remember how a QL made you feel the first time and compare it to the one you just watched and is therefore freshly on your mind. All I'm saying is the top 10 or so are must see's for any Giant Bomber.

Posted by KimJongIllest

The Xbox Live Indie Games Quick Look should be on here

Edited by Red12b

You need the punisher on this list!  

I called that one guy a fucker

Posted by benderunit22
@Red12b: You're not wrong, good sir
Posted by jvdgoot

I was going to appeal for Wii Party, but you're a fast one, Mr Unit!

Posted by dfill
@FSFunky: So was I but then I saw it on the list
Posted by rosebud04

where is Avatar? " You got to learn the mystical art of clinging to a ledge, man."

Posted by Cincaid

Excellent list!

Posted by Chocobodude3
Posted by KEITH1437

Amped 3?

Posted by Video_Game_King

Might as well say it: Sims 3.

Edited by Xpgamer7

Kirby should be higher. At least in the top 10.

Posted by benderunit22

Unfortunately, you can't add individual videos, so with Game Room having so many quick looks, it would be pointless to add it to the list.
Amped 3, I dunno, it's just an hour of cutscenes and aside from the weirdness factor, it wasn't particularly funny.
Sims 3 dragged on too much. 20 minutes of nothing.
No. :P
And lastly, the first Kinect game found its way into the list. A lot of the launch batch of QLs for Kinect had a good amount of funny moments in them and it's a delight watching grown man making fools out of themselves in front of a camera. Many of them also had a lot of downtime between those moments (on account of being very long) though. That was until Motion Sports, a short one condensing all the awkwardness of technology not quite working right and terrible gameplay into 15 minutes of entertainment.

Posted by bryGPO

beautiful list, sir

Posted by Video_Game_King

Wait, you respond to these? Fine, then I shall recommend another: PokéPark.

Posted by Zeemod

Bump up super scribblenaughts a tad and sims 3 ought to be in here as well.

Edited by Svampson

Top Gun should at least be considered!

Posted by kingofpeanuts

I think Tony hawk shred might have taken first place

Posted by eponymous
@kingofpeanuts said:
" I think Tony hawk shred might have taken first place "
Posted by Zeemod

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom could definitely make it on this list.

Edited by Cdude9590

Jonathan Frakes demands a spot on this list.   

Posted by benderunit22

Jonathan Frakes's will is my command

Posted by Raymayne

Celeb Poker at 36?....*unbookmarks this list*

Posted by benderunit22
@Raymayne:  Make your own list then, I don't care. The ranking doesn't mean anything anyway, maybe the top 5, but beyond that, they're all equally great.
Posted by wolf_blitzer85

It's like his lower jaw explodes in your brain where it stays there forever.

Edited by Anwar
Posted by kerse

the deadly creatures quick look should be considered, while not particularly funny itself, the way jeff freaks out about the spiders is hilarious