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Dragonball: Evolution is Namco Bandai Games' 2009 PSP exclusive movie tie-in game to 20th Century Fox’s live action Dragonball film of the same name.

The game follows the story of Goku in his attempt to find all of the Dragon Balls and stop Lord Piccolo from destroying the Earth.

As you play through the story mode Goku will unlock further abilities until he is fully ready to take on Lord Piccolo and save the world.


The game will include all of the major characters from the film:

Playing Modes

  • Arcade mode: This features one on one fights leading up to the final fight with Lord Piccolo
  • Story mode -- Players play as Goku through the events of the film. This mode allows you to unlock further abilities for your characters as you progress through the story
  • Mission mode -- where players attempt to complete specific tasks such as, "Do 700 pts. of damage in a single combo"
  • Training mode -- where you can practice your special moves and combos against a lifeless sparring parther
  • Survival mode -- unlocked upon completion of the Story Mode
  • Battle Mode -- The game offers a offline and online battle mode consisting of: 2 player on or offline multiplayer fights and multi-cartridge multiplayer

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